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datango reloaded: PARIS AG re-launches E-Learning and Performance Support solution

datango’s performance suite (dps) – one of the market leading content authoring solutions for enterprises globally – was launched in 1999 and achieved tremendous growth and success until the acquisition by SAP, Germany’s largest software company, in 2011. Since then, SAP has been marketing the software successfully under its own brand. Recently PARIS acquired certain assets from datango AG including versions of the dps not sold to SAP. Building on proven technology and success combined with its own new developments, PARIS is now aiming for new growth paths across B2B and B2C innovations.

The “datango performance suite” EPSS and e-learning solution was launched by datango AG in 1999 and established in the market as a premium stand-alone product. In 2011, the solution was acquired by SAP and integrated into its portfolio. Effective 1st April 2016 PARIS AG started go-to-market activities incl. marketing, support and development of a new dps under the “datango” brand as a division of PARIS AG, building on the software versions acquired from datango AG. Markus Rosskothen, Chief Executive Officer at PARIS AG and former datango employee, explains: “Knowing the ins and outs of the datango performance suite from the very start, we have the passion and necessary business expertise to build on its success.”

Functionalities as featured in the dps are an integral component of business applications in many companies. The e-learning and electronic performance support system supports rollouts and migrations of enterprise solutions such as SAP ERP, accompanying users throughout the entire software lifecycle. The solution provides a navigation aid in the live system, and facilitates the automatic generation and translation of process documentation, training manuals, software simulations, and realworld e-learning environments. This increases user acceptance which is a crucial factor especially when introducing new business applications, while simultaneously reducing input errors and support costs.

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