Sebastian Grodzietzki: new Chief Growth Officer at PARIS

Sebastian Grodzietzki - CGO der PARIS GmbH

datango reloaded: Sebastian Grodzietzki appointed new Chief Growth Officer at PARIS AG

In his new role as Chief Growth Officer at PARIS AG – Process Automation Robotics Intelligence Systems – Sebastian Grodzietzki is responsible for the positioning and development of a new “datango performance suite” (dps), and the future product portfolio with immediate effect. As Head of Product Management at datango AG, Grodzietzki was extensively involved in the success of the EPSS and e-learning solution. In February 2012, SAP acquired the majority of assets of datango AG, including the then current version of the dps Software – here too, Sebastian Grodzietzki was a major force behind the global positioning and direction of the solution for several years. Recently, PARIS AG acquired certain assets from datango AG including versions of the dps not sold to SAP. Building on proven technology and success combined with its own new developments, PARIS is now aiming for new growth paths across B2B and B2C innovations. 

The EPSS (electronic performance support system) and e-learning solution “dps” was launched by datango AG in 1999 and established as a stand-alone premium product. In 2012, the solution was acquired by SAP AG and integrated into its portfolio. Effective 1st April 2016 PARIS AG started go-to-market activities incl. marketing, support and development of a new dps under the “datango” brand as a division of PARIS AG, building on the software versions acquired from datango AG.

The product’s strengths are now to be advanced and realigned to make the solution a market leader again. “Combining the dps technology with innovative concepts of the internet of things (IoT), cognitive automation, and bot frameworks will allow us to forge ahead with new methods of process support and automation.”, says Sebastian Grodzietzki.

Sebastian Grodzietzki accompanied the product from 2006 to 2012 for datango AG und continued for nearly four more years after the takeover by SAP AG. During his time at SAP from 2012 to the end of 2015, he worked as Head of Solution Management and later as Head of Solution & Strategy Management for Innovation Adoption. In addition, he was responsible for the global market success of the product as the Global Solution Owner from the very start.

Developing towards cognitive computing

Markus Rosskothen, Chief Executive Officer at PARIS AG and another former datango employee, adds: “The functionalities as featured in the datango performance suite have been a proven tool for the support of enterprise solutions processes, helping users with a navigation aid in live systems and facilitating the automatic generation of documentation and training manuals, software simulations, and e-learning environments. Input errors are reduced and the user acceptance of business software is improved. In the future, we will explore new paths beyond these areas.”

With smart solutions in the field of robotic process automation (RPA), which involves tasksolving without requiring human input, the company wants to tap into new markets, complementing existing e-learning, EPSS, and authoring solutions. This will lead to a considerably broader and more efficient automation of business processes and reduction of training costs and error rates, while simultaneously identifying ideal areas of application for private use.

Sebastian Grodzietzki explains, “Our solutions are intended to support individuals at work, but in their private lives as well – without having to manually record the processes or activities separately in advance, as is the case today. Whether on the job, at home, on the road, or in healthcare – our aim is to support people in all situations.”

To achieve this, recognition technologies, for example, will be linked with frameworks and other innovations from leading software manufacturers, and an open cognitive and automation platform will be created – open to third-party developers as well.

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