Process automation for office jobs: time savings of up to 90 per cent

PARIS AG presents first bot complementing its “datango performance suite” e-learning and EPS system

Kaarst, 18th October 2016 – The “datango performance suite” e-learning and EPS (electronic performance support) solution from PARIS AG has a new addition: its first process support bot. The bot almost entirely automates business processes such as annual leave requests and can cut the time spent on repetitive, time-consuming office tasks by around 90 per cent that is proved by a detailed performance report after the process. The process-acceleration bot was presented at this year’s DSAG (German-speaking SAP user group) congress for the first time. Its integration in the e-learning solution makes it unique on the market. The bot is the prelude to a bot suite that will form part of an automation platform currently under development.

“Sooner or later, bots will replace apps completely,” says Sebastian Grodzietzki, Chief Growth Officer at PARIS AG, who is responsible, among other things, for product vision and strategy. “Particularly combined with cognitive computing and machine or deep learning, bots will take on a key role, for instance when it comes to onboarding new employees, education, and general task support. Bots will be our constant companions in the near future”, he adds, “both in everyday life and our daily work. They are able to simplify, automate and accelerate recurrent administrative processes as well as provide introductory training or specific guidance through conversational mechanisms, such as question-and-answer.”

As solution provider of the “datango performance suite” (dps) e-learning and EPS system, PARIS is already supporting digital training. The tool is used to document and simulate processes, create training content and guide staff through digital processes with an online help system. This supports companies on the way to digital transformation as their employees easily understand and get familiar with new applications.

In developing its first bot, PARIS AG has taken process automation one step further. “We presented the bot to the public at the DSAG annual congress,” says Sebastian Grodzietzki. “There we demonstrated automated leave requests and none of the congress visitors had come across an application like this before.”

The bot will be followed by a bot suite integrated in the planned PARIS Automation Suite – a platform for automating business and everyday processes. The first release for selected customers is expected for Q1/2017.




To download the entire press release please click here.

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