Digitalisation in care or in the hospital? Solutions for all systems in the healthcare industry

Why digitalisation is so important in care and in hospitals:

The digitalisation of care and in hospitals poses major challenges for the healthcare sector. The most common problems facing the healthcare industry include: Short staffing, lack of personnel, few time resources, legal requirements, increasing numbers of people in need of care and increasing mechanisation and digitalisation. All these problems that the health sector is currently facing have to be solved somehow.

A comprehensive bill by the government provides for an emergency programme to relieve the burden on the health system through targeted investments in the field of nursing. The Federal Ministry has pushed through the provision of funding, which will enable the recruitment of Mexican and Filipino nurses by DeFa.

Digitisation is fast and, above all, it doesn't wait! So action is imperative. The digitalisation of the health sector in the areas of care and hospitals opens up completely new possibilities. It allows for more efficient and at the same time affordable care. It also makes it easier to compensate for the shortage of skilled workers.

Simplify processes that take up time. The potential of digitalisation is enormous. However, the opportunity of digital technologies is not yet sufficiently exploited in Germany. The opportunity for successful digitalisation should not be missed!

How does successful digitisation work?

Rely on learning content from datango

Foreign employees from Kosovo, the Philippines or Mexico are already working in the health sector in Germany. But how can colleagues with a different linguistic background from another country be integrated into everyday work? Good induction takes time. Who takes care of this induction, especially when cultural and language barriers arise? Have you already thought about what measures you can take and how you can transfer knowledge efficiently and successfully in your company? Moreover, the knowledge should be retained in the long term and form a solid basis.

In the case of foreign nursing staff, it is enormously important to teach the in-service foreign language safely during the phase of arrival and initial integration, as well as to provide support through mentoring and coaching programmes. Good training or further education must not fail because of the language barrier! With datango, you have a competent partner who has specialised in training and software products for more than 20 years.

In addition, you open up new perspectives and career advancement opportunities for your employees with datango learning content. A further education and training offer makes the nursing profession attractive in the long term and strengthens the bond with the employer. With datango, the onboarding of foreign professionals in particular is very easy to carry out.

datango solutions at a glance!

Funding of €12,000 - Ready for use at an early stage

Training for effective induction of new staff is subsidised by the state. With datango, employees are quickly trained.

Shortage of skilled workers - rapid on-boarding

The workload limit of care workers has long been exceeded. The shortage of skilled workers is noticeable everywhere and time resources are lacking. Time is the decisive factor here. With datango, new employees can be trained quickly and efficiently. Conduct training quickly and easily!

New nursing staff - certification

The Immediate Care Programme, a law to strengthen the care workforce... Every additional care worker is financed and can be hired. datango enables fast, reliable and certified induction - and that for all systems.

Medical Devices Act - Video briefing

Until now, the Medical Devices Act (MPG) only applied to hardware, but now it also applies to software. This has the advantage that your documentation software is now also covered. Instruction in the handling of medical devices is also part of safe and proper use. Films and software are available from datango for this instruction. This way, employees can be easily trained.

Foreign professionals - multilingualism

The Skilled Worker Immigration Act creates linguistic hurdles, as knowledge must also be imparted to the new nursing staff. datango offers learning content in over 40 languages so that the induction of foreign staff does not pose any difficulties.

Lack of time to expand professional competences - Acquisition of qualifications

Often there is a lack of resources to create a learning environment that targets the knowledge level of staff. datango enables training without additional travel. The time gained from this is available to staff for patient care.

Identification with the company - Employee loyalty

Caregivers are currently experiencing high turnover. Many employees leave the care sector early or change employers. With datango, you open up new perspectives and career advancement opportunities for your employees. A further education and training offer keeps the nursing profession attractive and strengthens the loyalty to the employer in the long term.

Initial integration - Live! help

In the initial phase, it is important to manage the induction of foreign staff. With datango Live! you can make sure that your staff have mastered the training. If you want to support your users individually, this module offers you everything you need: create training materials, publish e-learning content or provide online help - datango Live! supports all of this.

Your advantages through datango:

  • Efficient induction reduces overtime
  • Enormous time and money savings in training and further education compared to face-to-face training courses
  • Fulfilment of the legal obligation to instruct in the MPG with proof of certification
  • You will be informed about updates or changes immediately
  • The possibility of targeted induction of nursing students who are deployed at short notice
  • Involvement of foreign professionals from day 1
  • Parallel support for foreign professionals

Our expertise

We are pleased to already count 47 customers from the healthcare sector and a total of 60K+ users among our customers.

The following systems are compatible without any problems:


  • Agfa Orbis
  • Cerner Millenium
  • Cerner Medico
  • CGM Clinical
  • Nexus
  • I-Solutions Health
  • Meierhofer Medical Control Center
  • iMedOne

In care:

  • Medifox
  • Optadata
  • Apenio
  • German Medical Computer Centre
  • HyCare
  • Curasoft
  • BOS&S
  • CGM Social

If your solution is not included, please contact us. datango can offer a solution for every application.