The Digital Revolution is changing all sectors of the economy

- so does the banking and insurance industry. Here, too, it is one of the most important tools for delivering added value to employees and customers, becoming more agile and flexible, and ultimately ensuring an optimal service offering. In order to make the most of the opportunity presented by digitalisation, banks and insurance companies, among others, will have to realign their strategy and operations. We at datango want to help your company with this challenge with our software training for banks and insurance companies.

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Software training in the financial sector: How banks should seize the opportunity of digitalisation

If we first take a look at the financial industry, it becomes clear that mobile banking and open banking will become increasingly popular. The digital developments are a reaction to the increasing desire of customers for digital offers in the area of banking. To be successful in the digital world in the long term, banks need to adopt digitized business models. Otherwise, poor digitization will be felt by the customer in the last step and lead to a negative customer experience. It is therefore essential to integrate the many sales channels into an omni-channel approach. In addition, organizational structures and IT systems must be modernized. Our solutions are effective and supportive in accelerating software implementations, increasing user acceptance and expanding knowledge transfer among your employees. Through datango's software training courses, your employees will be introduced, trained and supported in all applications.

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Software training in the Insurance industry

With our software training for the insurance industry, you can be sure that the process of digitalization in your company will run smoothly: Concluding or managing new contracts, comparing offers, reporting accidents - all these and much more are processes that can already be carried out easily online. Simplified digital processes that respond to the needs of the customer will be the focus of digitalization for most insurance companies in the future. Operating processes must also be adapted to the digital transformation. More and more companies in the insurance and banking sectors are relying on digital learning content for their employees in order to simplify software launches, carry out onboarding measures or train their employees. With our software training courses, these processes can be carried out easily and efficiently. We offer you the complete package for optimal employee enablement in the insurance and banking sector. Typical applications of our solutions are SAP and MS Office.


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