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IT industry

Efficient software training in the IT industry for your company's success

The IT industry is a pioneer in digitalization, but in order to maintain their competitiveness in the long term, companies must use technologies such as Big Data or Internet of Things and develop new strategies and business models. Changing customer and user behavior should also not be ignored and analyzed in order to be able to react to it at the right time. In addition, technology, development and market cycles are shortening considerably and companies must respond to changes in the market in real time in order to strengthen their competitiveness. Many companies face the challenging task of developing strategies for increasing digitalization, adapting structures and training employees in a targeted, cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Digitization of business processes

Support your employees with solutions from datango

Due to the digitalization of business processes, the increasing number of specialist applications from the cloud or the growing amount of software applications in the various specialist departments, the volume of data in companies has increased significantly. For this reason, the expense and complexity of the entire IT infrastructure have increased significantly. Today, it is even more important to structure your company's IT department. In order to successfully manage this process, employees of IT companies should be specifically supported by software training.

Success with datango: Software training for the Telecommunications industry

Digitalization has already left its mark on the telecommunications industry. Thanks to smartphones and tablets. The services of this industry can be used at any time and from anywhere. New technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are increasingly changing the business model and structures of telecommunications providers. Digital means of communication are the focus here. Classic telecommunications services have been enhanced by technological innovations such as video telephony, video on demand or music streaming. Today, it is more important than ever in this industry to keep up with the times. In addition, the telecommunication industry is under enormous competitive pressure.

Core processes must run optimally, process management should be planned precisely. The focus is on the customer and his ever increasing demands.

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datango would like to support you and your employees with efficient software trainings

Whether IT or telecommunications industry: We want to help you and your company with efficient software training for digitalization. Our solutions support your employees - because they are the key to your company's success! datango technology is universally applicable and can be used in any industry and in any application. Typical applications are SAP, AngelCare and Solstice.

The software training can be perfectly integrated into the daily work routine. Supplementary components cover areas such as employee training, increasing user performance and help at the moment of need. Our experts are available to you at any time.


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