Especially in times of digitalization, the need for further training and corresponding performance support is high.

It is common for companies to react to this with classic qualification measures. However, the focus should be increasingly on informal learning and digital learning approaches in order to be able to support employees in a timely, cost-effective and efficient manner. Performance support will increasingly occupy management floors of companies in the coming years and refers to a form of support in the learning process of users. The foundation of performance support is context-sensitive assistance for employees at the moment of need. It enables the user to achieve a high level of work performance, productivity and helps them to close gaps that arise during a work process.

Authoring Tool

datango: Your provider of solutions in Performance Support

datango is a provider of solutions in performance support, learning management and documentation. We offer our customers the complete package for optimal employee enablement. With the help of our authoring tool, learning content and supporting information can be created for the user, embedded in the workflow and context-sensitive to the individual role and current needs. Our Performance Support starts with staff development, analyzes employee competencies and provides digital learning content for a specific context.

Digital Learning Content

Efficient and up-to-date: the datango authoring tool

One solution for all industries! Finance, Healthcare, Public sector and much more: our solutions are versatile and suitable for any industry. They support your employees in all phases and with any application. Areas such as employee training, increasing user performance and help at the moment of need are thus optimally covered. Furthermore, our authoring tool does not only allow the creation of various documentations and learning contents, it is also used in change management and personnel development. With the datango authoring and documentation solution you can create the appropriate learning content as well as a performance support solution for your employees with just one single recording. We are happy to inform and advise you.



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