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Are you using Oracle applications for your business and want to train your employees on these software applications? If you use Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle JD Edwards or Oracle Peoplesoft for your Enterprise Resource Planning, then we would be happy to help you enable your employees to understand these applications.Benefit from our comprehensive software implementations and training courses so that your employees can access the full potential of this software in a targeted manner and use it safely. datango is your strong partner when it comes to training employees.

Oracle applications: An overview

We support your company in the introduction of Oracle applications by training your employees. Gain a reliable partner with decades of experience in software rollouts, change management and documentation. We offer software rollouts for Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle JD Edwards or Oracle Peoplesoft.

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is used to optimally adapt business models and processes. This can reduce costs, tighten forecasts and achieve more innovation. Oracle Cloud ERP enables you to model and plan finance, human resources, supply chain and sales. Connect all business planning with Oracle Cloud ERP. You can easily streamline the financial close process and make better decisions. Business management is thereby essentially simplified. The applications are modern and easy to use.

Oracle JD Edwards offers a powerful, fully integrated ERP software suite with an extensive range of deployment options. Access more than 80 application modules, end-user reporting and personalisation features. Help your business become faster, better and more performance-driven. JD Edwards adapts to user performance.

Oracle Peoplesoft helps you increase the productivity and performance of your business, resulting in lower total cost of ownership. It is designed for highly complex business needs and offers comprehensive business and industry solutions. Execution and maintenance are significantly faster, cheaper and guarantee a better overview with Peoplesoft.

Contact us if you need support with the implementation of Oracle applications. With datango 's training, you can empower your employees in Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle JD Edwards and Oracle Peoplesoft!

What to consider when introducing software

On the one hand, a new software introduction can present companies with a great challenge; on the other hand, new applications can provide relief, define structures and facilitate processes. So that you don't get lost in this undertaking, we would like to stand competently by your side. For software to be enriching for your company, proper project management is required. If software introductions are underestimated and not sufficiently prepared, they usually fail or are not completed. You should also bear in mind that a software rollout takes time. Intensive planning avoids mistakes and saves time during implementation.

Why software training is important

With Software training you introduce employees to new processes and support them in keeping up to date. In addition to project preparation, software selection, introduction and so on, training is also essential, because it is the only way to enable your employees to call up the entire application spectrum of a software. Especially because the software sector is very fast-moving, training should not be underestimated.

In addition, it can be Training can be used to illustrate how software can be used profitably in the company. An introduction is first about the basics, and later about deepening and refreshing knowledge. Without introductions to new software, there will either be queries or misapplications that cost time and cause new problems, or the user will not know and be able to use the full potential of the software. Therefore, it is better not to do without software introductions.

Our products at a glance

With datango, you have the option of using a ready-made standard or designing training material yourself. With the help of our datango LXP, you can not only create various software documentations and training materials, but also operate the necessary change management at the same time and quickly increase the performance of your users.

Der datango creator, uns hauseigenes Autorentool, hilft Ihnen gezielt, Schulungsmaterial zu erstellen und eine gelungene Softwaredokumentation zu managen. Unterschiedliche Zielsprachen und ein internationales Projektteam sind bei datango kein Hindernis, denn Sie können Einstellungen in über 40 Sprachen vornehmen. Der datango collaborator ist das Learning Management System von datango. Hier verwalten Sie Lerninhalte und haben einen Überblick über Schulungen. Die datango live! Hilfe ist eine Online Support Software, die es ermöglicht, dass Ihre erstellten Inhalte auch genutzt werden.

Mehr Infos dazu erhalten Sie hier.

Your Oracle course with datango: informative, efficient and with lasting effect

datango offers you a Learning Management Platform that trains employees effectively and helps companies to grow. With the datango Learning Management System you can create Oracle courses and make them available to your employees. It's easy, efficient and time-saving. With our solutions, you can create learning content for your employees in seconds to introduce software or refresh knowledge.

Furthermore, datango training courses can introduce your employees to the Oracle software at their individual learning pace. This is advantageous because the learning speed and the individual learning level can be adapted within a training course. This increases user acceptance and contributes significantly to the success of the company.

Would you like to offer Oracle courses to your employees? Our experts will be happy to advise you. The datango solutions can be used for the following Oracle products, among others:

  • JDE
  • ERP
  • Peoplesoft

Gerne beraten wir Sie auch zu einem Umstieg auf Oracle UPK. Klicken Sie dazu einfach hier.

datango support hotline

If there are ever any questions that cannot be answered when problems arise, there is our datango support. This is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and helps them as soon as help is needed. datango does not work with a ticket system where you wait a long time for an answer, but our support service is available immediately.