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Fire Safety Training - should not be neglected

Fire Safety in companies is an extremely important and mandatory topic. Employers are responsible for ensuring that their workplaces comply with Fire Safety regulations. It is important to know the most up-to-date regulations to ensure the safety of employees at all times. For this reason, every employee contributes to the safety of a workplace by ensuring that they all act in accordance with Fire Safety Training.

In order to ensure that fire protection can be complied with in accordance with this regulation, fire protection officers are also appointed who acquire knowledge in the field of fire protection and fire safety through separate education and training. It is particularly important that the fire protection concepts include the measures of occupational safety and risk assessment. The fire protection and measures should be presented in the company so that all employees are aware of the rules of conduct and can comply with them at all times.

Employers must not neglect Fire Safety City regulations. As an employer you have a duty of care towards your employees. Neglect in this area can be very expensive for companies. On the other hand, good company Fire Safety is not infrequently rewarded by insurers by reducing premiums. Every year, there are many fire outbreaks in the workplace, which have many negative consequences for companies, such as a complete stop to production, damaged buildings and machinery, a reduced sense of security or the dismissal of employees. For this reason, Fire Safety should be carefully planned. With our Fire Safety Training, you can educate and train your employees in this area. Our ready-to-use content contains extensive learning content for your mandatory fire safety training - from general information to behavior in fire situations.

Data Protection Training - with datango you are on the safe side

Data protection tends to be found further down the list of priorities in most companies. On the one hand, this is because many companies are not sufficiently informed about this topic. On the other hand, data protection is an unpopular or even an inconvenient topic. However, well before the introduction of the GDPR, companies of all sizes were already under obligation to incorporate extensive processes and policies to ensure individuals have more control over their personal data. Since 2018, companies must be able to prove the legality of their data processing activities to supervisory authorities at any time.

Personal data is information that is directly related to a person, i.e. personal and private information, data about things or certain relationships. These must be reduced to a minimum and protected from access by third parties. This concerns data of customers, employees and also data of business partners.

Data protection is important for all companies that deal with personal data. Regardless of whether the company is large, small or medium-sized: The awareness of data protection is mandatory. If it is neglected, there is a risk of penalties that can threaten the existence of small and medium-sized companies. A major loss of reputation among customers can also be expected. Regardless of the size of the company and the number of employees, a data protection officer must be appointed. If you want to maintain a trusting and professional relationship with your customers, employees and business partners, you should attach great importance to the organization, compliance and implementation of the data provisions from the GDPR. Our training courses can help you provide your employees with targeted training in this area. Our data protection training courses include extensive learning content that you can ideally use for mandatory training. With datango data protection training, your employees will be fully informed - from general information to identifying spam mails.

IT security - the training to protect your data

Security in your company does not only concern the company premises and the protection of your employees. The security of your EDP and IT network should be just as high a priority. This is just as important for small businesses and mid-sized companies as it is for large enterprises. Your data is sensitive and valuable. They are the substance of your business operations and should not be at risk from cybercrime under any circumstances.
What's more, according to the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), 99 percent of companies in Germany are SMEs. Their performance has an impact on the public sector.

Although the use of new IT systems and increasing digitization and networking have positive and forward-looking benefits for companies, they also increase the risk of unauthorized access and criminal activities. Whether data misuse, system failures or thefts:

In any case, you should deal with IT security for your company and protect your data from viruses, malicious software and from being lost in the event of technical problems. Companies are required to ensure sufficient IT security. Cyber attacks have devastating consequences. This will cause delays, damage or in the worst case, completely cripple your company's IT infrastructure. Moreover, customers choose the companies they can trust and where their data is best protected. The value of your company therefore depends to a large extent on the strength of your IT security. Train your employees specifically in IT security to protect your business. Our IT security basics include comprehensive learning content that is ideal for mandatory training. From general information to the protection of sensitive data, your employees are optimally trained and can ensure the security of IT in your company.

Of course, all our learning content can be extended. You can either make the extensions yourself or order them through datango. Our experts will be happy to help you and advise you on our non-IT content.