Emails from different time zones, video calls from anywhere in the world, edit documents in real time:

Digitalization and the Internet make it possible today for us to connect with each other around the globe. Microsoft in particular is a popular provider for handling all these processes.

The familiar products such as Outlook, Teams, OneDrive and PowerPoint can make our everyday office life and workflow much easier.

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Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive communication tool that allows users to call, video chat and share documents in addition to messaging through the platform. Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting service that provides users with an easy way to store, sync, and share various file types with other people and devices on the Internet.

It's no wonder that Microsoft Office365 applications are among the most popular SaaS applications for businesses of all industries and sizes, as well as for personal use, and are the most widely used office tools of all. Microsoft Office365 has been the undisputed leader in office software for nearly three decades, with 155 million monthly users.

More effectiveness through Microsoft Training

Microsoft Office365 is easy to use, effective, fast and an excellent tool for everyday collaboration. The applications are designed to make our everyday lives as easy as possible. The cost for all functionalities of Microsoft Office365 is a high investment. This makes it more important that the software is used as effectively as possible by its users. However, applications can only be used successfully based on the end users knowledge. It is common that many functions are unused due to a lack of relevent learning content available for users. The consequence: The user switches to their own alternative which is usually more costly and time consuming to develop. There wouldn't be a significant return in investment with an alternative and processes wouldn't be carried out correctly.

We have the solution for your company. With our products, you offer your employees the chance to learn any software - simply and efficiently. With our out-of-the-box learning content, your employees receive targeted training for all Microsoft Office365 applications such as Excel, Teams, PowerPoint or OneDrive, including demo, practice and test mode.

  • Demo, practice, test and practice mode
  • Documentations in Word, PDF, HTML or PowerPoint
  • From basics to trickier tips and tricks
  • Best Practice in short learning sessions
  • Many learning units per module
  • Instantly available and editable
  • Ideal for your everyday use

A navigation for the live system makes it possible to expand personal knowledge already during operation and to constantly become better and more efficient. In addition, each package contains ready-to-use documentation in various formats such as Word, PDF, PPT and HTML. Our content is ready to use without any effort. With your datango collaborator or own management system you can immediately access the standard content. The aim of each training is to convey the best practice approach in a learning sequence. Our applications can be easily integrated into everyday life, making it easy for your employees to experience rapid learning success.

Training for Microsoft Office365, Teams and much more

datango offers training for Microsoft Office365 and Microsoft Teams as well as ready-to-use learning content for Windows10 and Google Chrome. We create any learning content for you: If you need a special content that is not included in our offer, you have the possibility to create different and individual learning content for your employees in collaboration with us. The created content will of course be adapted to your corporate identity design. We will support you and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.