Regular internal Training of your employees is essential.

They provide great added value for employers and also for the company. Every company benefits from professional employees who also have strong and unique characteristics. A training also offers motivation to employees by continuing education and awareness of relevant topics.

Digitalisation and globalisation present employers with new challenges.

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Companies can only secure competitive advantages in the long term if they plan internal training and further education in a targeted manner, structure processes, manage and provide content centrally and react to changes in the market in good time.

We offer you the complete package for optimal Employee Enablement. Our solutions train your employees internally for new Software Implementations. These solutions also promote an increase in User Competence and Knowledge Transfer, for example, with comprehensive usage analysis and integrated Performance Support tools. In addition, we offer ready-to-use learning content and templates for your employees. You can use these to implement your training and continuing learning topics creatively, interactively and successfully.

Statutory mandatory training in the hospital:
How to train your employees

Particularly in Hospitals and Health Care facilities, the avoidance of organizing and carrying out mandatory training courses is impossible. Work, hygiene, radiation protection, fire or data protection training is relevant to safety and is considered mandatory training in almost all hospitals, which usually still has to be completed by means of classroom training. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for staff to attend these classroom training courses. The reasons range from staff shortages to increasing heavy workloads.

The challenge is to organize and document mandatory training courses in hospitals flexibly, comprehensively and in a time- and cost-saving manner. Quality, legal certainty and learning success of the employees should not be sacrificed in any case in order to ensure your hospital's compliance. Our datango solution can help you deliver your trainings.

With our ready-to-use learning content, your employees can customize and flexibly schedule the learning content and fit it into their working hours. The focus is on the individuality of learning: users can work through the statutory mandatory training courses at their own pace and receive certification of the courses after successfully completing them. We are happy to advise you on our solutions and learning content.