We at datango would like to support you with our software trainings for the retail industry. A survey by the digital association Bitkom has shown that a majority of retail companies see an opportunity in digitalization. For small businesses, however, the practical implementation of digital projects is not easy and even large companies face the challenges that digitalization brings. We at datango would like to support you with our software user adoption for the retail industry.

Defy the challenges of digitalization

With our software user adoption for the retail industry, you will be well prepared for the upcoming challenges of digitalization. Because we know: The biggest growth driver is online retail. The digital shopping experience has permanently changed the demands of customers. Endless choice, detailed information about products, statements about availability or delivery date and personalized suggestions: More and more customers are taking advantage of the numerous benefits of online retailing, and the trend is rising. But sales via digital channels alone are not enough. There is much more to a good digital set-up of companies. In the back office, data from customers and products must be processed, stored and collected. In customer communication, it is important that company websites and Facebook presence are convincing. In addition, Google My Business listings are standard for many retailers. The larger the business, the more digital applications are used. The same also applies to merchandise management systems or tools in personnel management.

Our software trainings for Trade

Above all, successful digitalization requires good infrastructural and legal conditions. It is also essential for retail companies to implement efficient personnel development in order to set themselves apart from the competition. Digital learning units support the implementation of software solutions. With our software training courses, you can offer your employees flexible learning content. The advantage: trained and motivated employees. Further training and specialist training are expensive and time-consuming. With our efficient software training courses for the retail sector, you can implement your content in a practical and time-saving manner. The supporting knowledge transfer takes place directly at the workplace or at any location. Onboarding measures can also be carried out very easily with datango. A typical application of our solution is SAP.

Would you like to face the challenges of digitalization? We will be happy to advise you and explain the advantages of our software training courses, which find their optimal use in retail. Our datango team is available to you at any time.


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