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We support you with the change to another application including upgrades! The initial situation is as follows: Oracle announced that it is cancelling its in-house authoring solution, UPK, which was designed to develop training materials, process documentation, and increase user productivity for Oracle applications. Support was extended by Oracle for the last time until 2022. Therefore, the last Service Pack 5 update ( will be released in December 2022, after which the server will be shut down. The extension explicitly applies to version 12.1.

As an Oracle UPK customer, you are directly affected by this situation and may already have security and compliance issues in addition to the given integration problems. It is also possible that your produced content will become unusable without the appropriate support and software updates from Oracle. Immediate action is required now!

It's simple! Switch to datango. We offer you a solution that is uncomplicated, effective and user-friendly, and in addition protects all your data. This way, you can avoid years of investment in your training material going to waste.

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Oracle doesn't offer an alternative product!

The Oracle UPK solution is used for the creation and development of training materials, process documentation and optimization of user productivity.

When Oracle UPK was terminated, the company also announced that there will be no alternative to the authoring solution. On-demand help will be canceled, as well as complete support.


Planning to continue Oracle UPK without support? We would like to show you why this is a bad idea:

  • Security and compliance updates will no longer be available!
  • The software eventually will not be in compliance with your company's standards anymore.
  • Performance problems are guaranteed.
  • On-demand support and individual support will be removed.
  • Compatibility issues with new operating systems will arise.
  • Missing content development support features for cloud-based ERP systems will emerge.

UPK Conversion made easy

datango offers you an excellent alternative to the UPK solution. Especially at the beginning of a transition, companies have to face a number of new challenges. Depending on the complexity and integration depth of the system, companies and their departments have to invest a lot of time and provide accumulated knowledge in order to manage the transformation at every stage of the project. datango can help you to make the steps of the digital transformation much easier. Because: System transformations affect all facets of a company and change the general ways of working as well as the user surface of the end users. New alternative systems to Oracle UPK have to be relearned and, most importantly, understood by your employees. By using a content converter specially developed for Oracle UPK, the switch to datango protects investments that have already been made, since it allows the continued editing and distribution of all content already created with UPK. This means that all your data can be transferred during the UPK conversion, so your employees don't have to face too many obstacles, resulting in unprecedented UPK user adoption. Furthermore, in addition to the familiar functions such as the creation of documentation, e-learning content and single source recording, our solutions offer additional possibilities that go far beyond the functional scope of Oracle UPK (e.g. live!, collaborator, analyzer, academy).

Think bigger!

Your goal should not be to just replace UPK. At a time when companies are constantly faced with the task of implementing new technologies due to change, an advanced learning solution is essential

Especially in a cloud landscape, your solution should therefore be aligned with today's best technologies and meet current learning needs and workforce expectations.

datango as Oracle UPK alternative

datango offers you an excellent alternative to the UPK solution. We are the market leader in enterprise education, rollout support and process documentation in Europe and offer you an efficient alternative solution to Oracle UPK. Our tools guide your employees quickly and permanently into new or changed business processes and applications. With our UPK user trainings, your employees will be able to handle any new process application proactively and safely after only a short time.


UPK Migration – the solution from datango! 

We offer a powerful solution for your Oracle UPK migration. With our specially developed content converter, all created learning units can be easily and simply converted into datango content. After that, all this content can be further processed and used. All modes, documentation formats, content explanations and bubbles are converted 1:1. Once this process is complete, any content that has already been created with UPK can be edited and distributed. It is guaranteed that no data will be lost during this conversion. This will save a tremendous amount of time.

Numerous companies worldwide have already switched to datango. One of them is Siemens Energy - the largest UPK customer in Europe. By now, the entire Siemens Energy is successfully documenting with datango and can access our e-learnings. 

But whether it's insurance, finance or the public sector, our projects have always run smoothly and are suitable for the most complex process applications across all industries.

Unlike UPK, we also offer a Learning Management System and a Context Sensitive Live Help. While datango collaborator allows you to provide digital learning content via a central platform and to organize the collaboration between authors, trainers and knowledge managers, datango live! is an online support software. This gives end users the opportunity to get the necessary know-how at the very moment they need it.

All information in one place:

Last chance.

Support is ending this year.

No alternative product

Oracle will not offer an alternative to the authoring solution.

Compliance risk

Outdated software puts your compliance at risk.

Content Converter

Don't lose the content you've already created.

You want to organize your e-learning content easily? With us, you can create content within seconds and assign it to employees with just one click.

We would like to introduce you to our LXP. This includes the datango creator, the datango collaborator and datango live!

With the datango creator you can easily create training material, which can be distributed to your employees by the collaborator. Context-sensitive live will ensure that they are able to access the training and provide help when it is needed.

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datango doesn't just offer you a UPK alternative, but a major upgrade! You want to master your migration from Oracle UPK to datango? We will be happy to advise you in detail about our solution and what options you have. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you want to upgrade your Oracle UPK data to datango. Get in touch with us!