Plan your Oracle UPK migration with datango now!

Are you planning your Oracle UPK migration? What do you think about a solution that allows you to continue using your existing UPK content? According to recent announcements, the popular authoring solution Oracle UPK (User Productivity Kit) is coming to the end of live. This should put you on alert. Because there has been no development on Oracle UPK since April 2019. The final termination of the programme has been set for December 2022. During this period, the last update of Service Pack 5 ( will be released in December 2022, after which the server will be shut down. The extension applies explicitly to version 12.1. Customers who purchased version 11.1 were only supported until March 2020.

No replacement product from Oracle itself!

The Oracle UPK solution is used for the development of training material, process documentation and aims to increase user productivity. Oracle announced in the course of the End of Life that there will be no replacement product for the authoring solution from Oracle itself. In concrete terms, this means that there will be no development and, as a result, no more security upgrades. In addition, there will be no more on-demand support and no more help. Only the content existing until the end of live will remain in the UPK. After the end of support, Oracle UPK may no longer fit your company's standards for procured software.

Why you should not continue UPK without support

Are you considering continuing Oracle UPK without support? We have listed why this is a bad idea:

  • There will then be no more security and compliance updates!
  • The software may then not be in line with your company's standards.
  • There will then be no more on-demand support or assistance.
  • There will be performance problems.
  • There will be compatibility problems with new operating systems.
  • Missing content development support features for cloud-based ERP systems will emerge.

If you are a customer of Oracle, you are also affected by the discontinuation. The good news: It is not too late, because you can still act in time. Now you can easily manage the transition from Oracle UPK to datango.

When switching from Oracle UPK, the most important thing is to plan the changeover in good time in order to avoid costly processes. Acting soon saves time and money! Such a large project requires above all a solid foundation, expert knowledge and efficient strategies. Especially at the beginning of a changeover process, companies have to master major challenges. Specialised staff with the appropriate know-how is needed to implement the complex changeover in every phase. Therefore, do not hesitate and let us get started together!

Discover datango's solutions

What are your options and your alternatives for backing up data now? After all, the normal case looks like this: You have invested years in your training materials, accumulated numerous data - and they are now in danger of being lost or, in the worst case, unusable. Not to forget that the discontinuation of Oracle UPK may already cause security and compliance problems for you - in addition to the given integration problems - since upgrades are no longer possible. Concrete action is now essential to keep your data safe!

We offer you an alternative that makes it easy to switch to Oracle UPK. Above all, the datango alternative is durable, flexible and easy to use. You will be accompanied by excellent support!

This is why datango is a good alternative to Oracle UPK

We are the market-leading provider in the field of enterprise education, rollout support and process documentation and offer a global alternative solution to Oracle UPK that is easy to use, especially for users.

We offer a comprehensive solution for your Oracle UPK migration: the Content-Convertor. With the specially developed datango Content Converter, all created learning units can be easily and simply converted into datango content. Afterwards, all this content can be further processed. All modes, documentation formats, content explanations and bubbles are converted 1:1. Once this process is complete, editing and distribution of all content already created with UPK is possible. No information is guaranteed to be lost during this conversion. This results in enormous time savings. Furthermore, in addition to the well-known functions such as the creation of documentation, e-learning content and single source recording, our solutions offer additional possibilities that go far beyond the functional scope of Oracle UPK (e.g. live!, collaborator, analyzer, academy).

Consider that system changes affect all areas of a company and change the common ways of working as well as the user interface of the end users. The datango solution introduces your employees quickly and sustainably to new or changed business processes and applications. New alternative systems to Oracle UPK inevitably have to be relearned and, above all, understood by your employees. With datango, your employees have already learned and, above all, internalised an application after a short time.

Master the transition from Oracle UPK with datango.datango!

datango wants one thing above all: uncomplicated, simple and at the same time efficient solutions for your company! That is why datango would like to support and accompany you in the changeover from Oracle UPK. In doing so, we draw on 20 years of experience. The advantage: The datango solution is not only an alternative to Oracle UPK, but also an upgrade! Benefit now from easy ways and more possibilities.
With our solution, your employees can be quickly and sustainably introduced to new or changed business processes. Each process can be documented with just one click. In addition, a simulation landscape is created in which users can execute new processes without triggering a process in the real system - above all, this strengthens acceptance and makes new software accessible more quickly. Our context-sensitive live help provides your users with relevant learning content in real time and directly at the workplace. This guarantees a productive learning effect.

shorter turnaround time for end users.

less time required to prepare the documentation.

more efficiency in international rollout projects.

less time spent on personal training.

Fewer standard helpdesk requests

Cost reduction for delta trainings

Many customers have already mastered the changeover from Oracle UPK with datango.

We will be happy to advise you in detail about the advantages and possibilities of switching from Oracle UPK to datango. We support you in your major project to secure your Oracle UPK data. Please feel free to contact us: