How to master successful employee enablement and empower your employees

Employee Engagement vs. Employee Enablement

Many Company make the mistake of investing only in engagement. Few, however, invest in enablement. We would like to show you here why it is worth rethinking and what progress you as a company can achieve through employee enablement.

Employee Engagement ensures that your team is committed to the Corporate vision and higher-level goals. Employee enablement, on the other hand, empowers employees to perform high-level tasks and master complex work. The right empowerment encourages employees to be able to achieve within the organisation. It ensures high retention, as good empowerment also leads to employees feeling that they are contributing to success and performing. Therefore, it pays to invest in successful employee enablement.

The flip side, on the other hand, looks like this: Employees who are not trained and empowered cannot necessarily be expected to perform above average. If employees do not feel empowered, doubts and insecurities arise. But what can companies do to empower employees in a promising way? We want to show you how you can sustainably develop your employees! Enablement starts where commitment ends. Employee enablement gives employees the support they need to progress and perform at a high level. They are empowered to learn, develop and master the necessary skills to continue to perform well. Training courses to continue to deliver good results.

Goals and visions - The advantages of employee enablement at a glance

What do you need for good employee engagement?

Capable employees

Capable, trained employees can do extraordinary work, bring out the best in each other and make a much bigger difference within a company. The reverse: If employees who are passionate about your corporate vision and values are not empowered to do their jobs, frustration grows.

Higher productivity of employees

Through concrete training, you increase the productivity and independence of your own employees. This manifests itself in both thinking and acting. A trained employee acts more effectively, more purposefully and more confidently.

The turnover of your company can be increased

The increased expertise of the employees also increases the quality of the work, which ultimately has an impact on turnover.

Avoiding fluctuation

Without successful empowerment of employees, turnover is often higher. It must be in a company's interest to keep good employees for the long term. A high turnover also often has an impact on the company's turnover, as new staff must constantly be sought and trained. Good employee management counteracts this.

Now to the core issue: how can employee enablement succeed?

So what can companies do for their employees to help them perform at their best? Companies want good employees who are committed, motivated and forward-thinking.
But it can't always be assumed that an employee will bring these skills to the table on their own. How do you activate your employees to be motivated? At its core, it all comes down to the following three points:

  • How do you enable your employees to work independently.
  • How do you strengthen and support the competences and skills of the employees?
  • How do you promote cohesion among the staff.

Gaining insight into processes is very important for employees. If employees know why they are expected to do certain tasks, they deliver better results. They can focus on the whole process and know what task is assigned to them. Clarity therefore ensures goal-oriented and organised work.

In order to be able to challenge employees properly, it is necessary to consider what employees actually need in order to develop their full potential. It is therefore important to find out what employees should be enabled to do in the first place.

The basic prerequisite is efficient and continuous learning. This includes exciting and varied learning content. Give your employees the opportunity to be successful through training!

With the right training materials, employees learn specifically what will help them progress. The training must be adapted to the level and skills of each individual. In short, the right tools, training materials and resources are needed to ensure some progress.

Successful employee enablement with the right training materials

datango offers the complete package for successful employee enablement. Whether SAP, Oracle, web applications or in-house developments, datango supports you with individual projects. We believe that every single employee contributes to a company's success. We know that progress and success in companies are significantly linked to the competences and development of the employees. datango helps you to accelerate software implementations in your company and save time with expert templates for training. Our three knowledge management tools make employee enablement easy.

The datango knowledge management tools

Structured knowledge management is essential for successful employee enablement. With datango's knowledge management tools, you can collect company knowledge centrally in one place. There, it is stored for the long term and can be retrieved at any time.

datango offers three different knowledge management tools:

Authoring tool

Our authoring tool, the datango creator, helps to create training documents and document software. In addition, the datango creator supports targeted change management.
The creator is compatible with MS Office, SAP or in-house developments.

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The datango collaborator is our learning management system and the interface between authors, education officers and knowledge managers. All relevant interfaces can be combined and managed here. This way, training courses remain clear and efficient.

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Live help

The context-sensitive datango live! Help ensures that the training materials you create are safely received and used by employees.
Software Live Support steps in when employees need help.

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datango offers optimized LXP solutions for comprehensive,
successful and sustainable employee enablement in all industries!

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