Creating training materials - three programmes with synergy effect!

When you create training materials, you ensure consistent processes and procedures with efficiency. This has a positive impact on your productivity and quality levels. Whether you are documenting operationally relevant procedures, systems or programmes, clear and comprehensible training documents and manuals for employees are irreplaceable. With their help, you increase the synergy effect in your company.

For new employees, they provide a guide, while experienced employees use the documents as a reference. In this way, you ensure that important information is not lost with departing employees. At the same time, fixed descriptions of processes or written instructions offer no room for interpretation.

Plan the content and structure of your training

A good manual explains in a few steps how the processes work in your company. They concretise processes in an easy and understandable way using pictures, pictograms and screenshots. This accompanying material is not a prerequisite, but it illustrates and optimises the whole thing. According to studies, people find it easier to remember processes that are visualised.

Ideally, you should create training materials by topic and in chronological order. No more than ten steps per process are ideal to make complex processes understandable. Explainer videos are best suited for more complicated content.

A Learning Management System (LMS) helps you to create, manage and organise training materials. From here, your target group has access to everything they need. At the same time, you simplify administration and help ensure that your employees are always up to date. Such a system not only helps you to create training materials: It integrates online courses and analyses whether your documentation is effective. It also offers an interface for administration and a user interface for your employees to use the documentation. It enables you to have a comprehensive knowledge management:

  • Create training materials: You create courses, assessments and exams, either from scratch or based on previous documentation.
  • Manage: Creating training documents is not enough. In such a system, you manage the documents and update them regularly.
  • Publish: You assign participants to your content so they can use it and find out about changes. This allows you to provide ongoing training as you create more training materials.
  • Analyse: Receive reports and track the progress of your target group.

The basis of internal knowledge accumulates in three places in your company:

  • the knowledge of individuals
  • the existing data and information
  • Ability of employees to solve tasks and problems

Identifying and collecting this knowledge and making it available to every employee is the task of knowledge management.
When you create training documents, these three factors are crucial for documents that are complete in terms of content. Ideally, you anchor knowledge at all levels of your management. In this way, you make the best use of human capital.
Operating applications also falls under systematic knowledge management. This is about much more than just providing employees with information: Enabling active exchange and obtaining feedback supports the individual processes.

In summary, successful knowledge management pursues the following goals:

  • Making knowledge discoverable: An ECM or CRM searches several data sources for information.
  • The scaling of knowledge: Structuring and preparing information so that everyone can find it easily.
  • Communicating knowledge with the help of tools: All media from chat to whiteboard are useful here.
  • Disseminating knowledge for all: Core software such as Customer CRM and ERP are the means of choice to make knowledge accessible to as many as possible.

Important: Successful knowledge management is based on your employees. With the knowledge imparted here, they develop their potential and contribute to the success of the company. The centralized approach ensures that the creation of training materials is not in vain. Instead, you compile specialist knowledge in a way that can be found by all employees.
With knowledge management, you influence how knowledge spreads throughout your company. It holds enormous potential for improving processes and products. At the same time, you save time and costs. This makes tools for efficient knowledge management a companion that will help you on your way.

datango creator

Optimal employee enablement is essential in the long term. Our creator tool not only helps you create training materials and professionally document software. The datango creator authoring tool supports you in targeted opportunity management. With it, you increase the performance of your applications, whether you use MS Office, SAP or your own developments, it doesn't matter.

Our Creator Tool helps you create training materials and map your business processes. In more than 40 languages, we provide your end users with test scripts, materials for training and e-learning sequences such as exercises, tests or demonstrations. Thus, you train your employees with training materials that you create yourself. A software is only as good as the end user who uses it. Additional plug-ins make all learning content available, while the employee is constantly kept up to date.

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sap training, online training, datango, learning management system, it training, web based training, digital patient record, microsoft teams training, sap,
sap training, online training, datango, learning management system, it training, web based training, digital patient record, microsoft teams training, sap,

datango collaborator

datango collaborator offers you everything you need for efficient knowledge management. With this tool, authors, education officers and knowledge managers work together effectively. An additional synergy effect is created when you organise the content clearly and assign it based on roles. With datango collaborator you manage and schedule all relevant interfaces.

Do you hold regular IT training courses? Such content can also be optimised with the tool, while you easily analyse the learning progress of your employees.

This central platform for learning content management is not only used to create training materials. You enable effective and transparent collaboration between authors and your operational organisation. The ability to categorise and prioritise tasks ensures your long-term success. With your central knowledge library, you and your employees have continuous access to all learning content.

An important approach is the analysis of weak points. You track these with targeted evaluations and take them into account when creating the training materials.

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datango live!

With datango live! you ensure that your employees use the training materials you create. End users have continuous access to the learning sequence they currently need. If you want to support your users individually, this module offers you everything you need: relevant delivery of training material, publishing e-learning content or providing online help - datango live! supports all of this.

Software Live Support supports your employees when they need help. Through user assistance, the programme recognises which application the employee is using and offers the appropriate learning sequence. The support is cross-application and is always in the foreground. The online support software adapts to your system - this increases the synergy effect.

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sap training, online training, datango, learning management system, it training, web based training, digital patient record, microsoft teams training, sap,


Are you thinking about creating training materials that will help your employees get ahead?

A platform that centrally manages your knowledge, enables training and e-learning, offers you everything you need. Targeted knowledge management within your company helps you to control procedures and processes in a targeted manner. In addition, such a platform offers you all the possibilities to train your employees continuously and to train new employees without any problems.

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