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From autonomous driving to electromobility, the automotive industry is undergoing a continuous development process. New communication channels are also being used in retail and sales. The automotive industry is an important driver of our economy and must face new challenges in the digitalization process. It is not only products and services that need to be adapted to the demands of digitalization, but also corporate structures. The range of measures required is wide. Those who move with the times not only have an enormous advantage, but also save costs and valuable time resources. This also applies to employee training. In the automotive sector, online training can help to manage the training and further education of your employees in a cost-efficient and time-saving manner.

Online training for the automotive industry: advantages for your employees

In any case, online training in the automotive industry takes into account the requirements of our age and can be perfectly integrated into everyday business life. Depending on the online training, your employees can learn from home, on the road or directly at the workplace.

The training units are user-friendly and can be carried out at one's own learning pace and step by step.

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The multilingual nature of our solutions ensures that international employees can also complete the online training in the automotive sector without encountering language barriers. The learning content also includes live help for your employees. The online training courses are consistently adaptable to the learning needs of their users and document personal learning successes. Through optimal learning support, problem solving and regular interactions, learners feel optimally accompanied and decide for themselves how long and at what pace they want to complete a learning unit: The content can be retrieved and used at any time.

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Your company benefits from our online training in the automotive sector

datango's training courses are particularly effective in medium-sized and small but also in large companies in the automotive industry and are compatible with all software. They are of high quality and meet even high and complex requirements, as they are created by industry experts. In our authoring tool, all documentation and learning content can be created at the touch of a button and in a matter of seconds. Typical applications for our solutions are SAP and Infor.

Our solutions are efficient and enable the management and distribution of content. Would you like to take up the challenge of digitalization and rely on online training in the automotive sector? Our datango experts will be happy to advise you and present our solutions for your company.


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