Our Commitment

Both managers and all employees at datango are committed to a diverse, equitable and sustainable environment that includes people from all backgrounds. Our framework for diversity, inclusion and sustainability consists of the following five pillars:



With various ecological measures, we are actively working to reduce our emissions in all relevant business areas and in the organizational framework. In this way, we want to make the vision of a climate-neutral, sustainable future come true.



We honor the humanity of people in all their diverse, personal experiences and accept each person as an individual with a story worth listening to. And we believe that recognizing everyone's humanity means working for equality and justice.



We believe that all employees and applicants for employment must be treated fairly and with dignity. That's why we make hiring decisions based on merit, experience and potential - regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion or disability.



Together we are better. Anyone who is part of our company, whether for a month or ten years, is part of the team and is treated as such. We are actively committed to fostering togetherness so that no one is left behind and all employees can feel good at work and feel a sense of WE in the process.



Lifelong learning is more present than ever before. In times of fast-moving trends and associated skills, continuing education is one of the most important assets for employees. Access to regular (continuing) education is therefore one of our core values and, in addition to various training courses, also manifests itself in investments in studies or our in-house software.

A responsible approach to our environment and our fellow human beings is essential for us. For this reason, we focus on sustainability and see this as a discipline of our corporate goal. We want to be a responsible, modern, open and valued employer and partner for our customers. In the following, we would like to present some of our current measures.

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"As an employer and partner to our long-standing customers, we see it as our duty to create an inclusive and sustainable environment. For this reason, we have been committed from the beginning to ensuring that each:r employee:in has a voice and is actively engaged in shaping our Commitment. Together, we are strong and can make a real difference."

Markus Rosskothen, CEO.

Facts and figures

We take the train! As soon as a customer appointment, a trade fair or a team event allows it, we consistently take the train. In 2022 alone, we traveled 211,828 kilometers by train across Germany and into Switzerland. In total, we travel around 85% of our business trips by rail, the 15% by car is due to the transport of equipment.


211,828 kilometers in 2022



5,208 plastic bottles saved per year.
Since our founding, we have relied on the use of glass bottles at our locations in Kaarst and Berlin. This allows us to save more than 5,000 plastic bottles per year!

Further measures

Further measures

Our pool of company cars consists of 90% all-electric cars, and we have installed extra charging stations in our parking lots for this purpose.

We are an almost completely paperless office because we have successfully digitized our processes - even the signature is done digitally in a legally secure way.

We use the room-sharing concept to save energy for heating. Every employee can sit at a free desk at any time. In times of home office, everyone is encouraged to deliberately sit together in one room on office days.

We also regularly draw attention to how conscious heating works, for example through controlled shock ventilation.

Our IT department ensures that we only use hardware from those vendors that comply with our Code of Conduct. We also only purchase hardware with green energy efficiency ratings and only use rechargeable batteries for our hardware.

We also only work with suppliers if they comply with our Code of Conduct - although as a software company we also only have a small number of suppliers.

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Sustainable gifts Thanks to our partnership with treedom, we have the opportunity to give our customers a sustainable and exciting gift in the form of our own planted trees. Our customers thus have a gift that lasts, with which they make an important contribution to the future of us all.

treedom: Together for a greener future

With our treedom project, we work together with our customers and partners to protect the environment. In doing so, our focus is on planting trees to achieve both a positive ecological and social impact. Our joint action has already resulted in an impressive forest of 350 trees spanning many countries around the world, including Kenya, Madagascar, Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador and Tanzania. Through these efforts, we will save more than 52 tons of CO2 over the years ! And this number is growing every day! treedom is the perfect partner for us because they not only pursue environmentally friendly goals, but also support a social impact. They make sure that the local communities in the participating countries benefit from the projects by creating jobs and providing education. Let's shape the future together with treedom and ensure that our earth becomes greener and more sustainable.

treedom - Because every tree counts.

datango as a sustainability driver

Our commitment to sustainability starts first and foremost with our products, which help our customers work more efficiently while reducing their environmental impact. Innovations such as automated process flows, paperless learning materials, and virtual collaboration help reduce physical waste and significantly lower emissions. We are proud to offer special rates, especially for SMEs and educational institutions.

Reduced paper 1
Reduced paper consumption

With datango, paper consumption is noticeably reduced because the output formats created with datango can be made available digitally. Thanks to context-sensitive retrieval in the system currently in use, a printed handout is no longer necessary.

less Travel
Less travel

The use of datango-created eLearning materials can significantly reduce classroom training. Companies prefer this learning method not only because of the reduced travel but also because individual learning types can be targeted thanks to location and time-independent learning.

server performance
Reduced server performance

The tool makes use of single-source technology: On the one hand, all learning materials are created from a single recording and updated at the push of a button even when changes are made. Even recurring tasks can be completed automatically in this way. The required server performance is thus noticeably reduced.

data economy
Data economy

The object & activity recognition, as well as the created output formats are extremely memory efficient and can also be further compressed.


datango products are customizable to the specific needs of users, as well as user groups. In this way, the complete software does not have to be installed, which means that only as much energy is consumed as is actually needed.

Central data management
Central data management

On the datango collaborator, both authors and end users can find all learning materials in one central management location. In this way, storage duplications as well as unnecessary storage accesses are avoided.

across applications
Can be used across applications

datango's unique recognition engine can be used across applications. Isolated solutions for the support of individual applications are thus eliminated, and fewer systems need to be maintained and supported.

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Diversity & Inclusion

As a software company, we are convinced that diversity is an essential topic. A diverse workforce with different backgrounds and perspectives enables us to develop creative and innovative solutions for our customers. By creating a culture that encourages the inclusion of different ethnicities and identities, we can ensure that we better understand and meet the needs of our global customer base.

By creating an inclusive work environment where every voice is heard and every employee feels that he or she can contribute, we can also increase employee engagement and satisfaction. Having a variety of ethnicities demonstrates our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, and allows us to create a positive and productive work environment for all.

Voices of our employees

We let our employees speak for us and present 3 completely different stories here.

Future plans

As a responsible company, we are committed to constantly expanding and improving our CSR measures. In order to work even more sustainably, we have set ourselves the goal of further reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our use of renewable energies. We also want to make our supply chain management even more transparent and pay greater attention to the sustainable use of our product by customers. In the area of Diversity & Inclusion, we will continue to promote an open and inclusive corporate culture and step up our efforts in recruiting and promoting employees from different backgrounds. We are convinced that together with our customers and partners we can make an important contribution to a sustainable and inclusive future.