Digitization is an important topic not only in companies

Digitalization is not only an important topic in companies, but also in the public sector and we at datango would like to support you with our software training. Studies show that the digital revolution is affecting federal, state and local administrations even more seriously than companies. With it, more transparent and efficient processes are possible. Citizens have become customers and expect uncomplicated communication via digital channels, a high response speed and, above all, fast processing of their concerns in public administration. Citizens have long since ceased to be bound by opening hours and can access services 24 hours a day from the comfort of their own homes. For the public sector, it is more important than ever to go digital in order to streamline administrative processes and increase their efficiency. We at datango would like to support you in this.

With software training from datango through the digital transformation

New tools based on Artificial Intelligence or Big Data not only offer numerous opportunities, but can be of great benefit in the public sector.

Today, however, municipalities, states and the federal government are still a long way from being able to offer digital solutions in the public servicesector.

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Communication tools and processes that lack a supporting tool. Digitalization poses a direct challenge to the public sector. It's crucial for all employees to have success with digital transformation. Government employees contribute significantly to all processes, therefore it's crucial they're able to accept and adapt to the changes.  

With our software training courses, government employees are supported in learning software applications.

You also have the opportunity to instruct your employees in occupational health and safety and raise their awareness of data protection and information security. Our training courses are perfect for use in the public sector and are also cost-effective and time-saving. Onboarding measures and further training can also be carried out with our training courses in the public sector. A typical application of our solution is SAP.

Mobile and agile, close to the citizens and digital, an attractive workplace, valued and co-determining: Rely on datango's solutions and shape the public service of the future. We will be happy to advise you.

Our solutions are efficient and enable the management and distribution of content. Do you want to meet the challenge of digitalization and rely on online training in the automotive sector? Our datango experts will be happy to advise you and present our solutions for your company.


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