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Little time, an international project team, different languages, lots of content?

These are just some of the challenges a company has to face - with the datango authoring tool and software documentation we offer the solution! Are you about to roll out software for your company or are you planning a release change? We would like to support you with our technology and help you to achieve optimal user adoption and employee enablement.

How does our authoring tool work?Product overview

How does our authoring tool work?

Targeted training of employees as well as professional and reliable software documentation are enormously important for optimal employee enablement - our authoring tool offers you the solution. With the help of our datango creator authoring tool, you can not only create various software documentation and training materials, but also carry out the necessary change management and quickly increase the performance of your users.

It doesn't matter whether you use SAP, MS Office, in-house developments or other applications. datango generates everything you need for your optimal employee enablement with just a single recording of your business processes - automatically, in more than 40 languages and for any number of end users: create content such as test scripts, e-learning sequences, demonstrations, exercises, tests, training materials or navigation aids.

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Train employees efficiently with e-learning and software documentation from datango

With the help of the created learning content and software documentation, you can train your users efficiently and thus avoid momentous errors. At datango, we know that the best software is only as good as the end users who operate it. Every end user has access to all learning content at any time without additional plug-ins or installations. This can be accessed easily in the web browser via a link. The exercise units can be repeated and consolidated by the user independently and at his or her own learning pace after the classroom training.

Your advantages with the datango authoring tool and software documentation solution

With our authoring tool you can easily create recordings with just a few clicks. A recording allows single-source output as well as automatic re-recording of:

Automatic documentations

Create documentation in MS Word, PowerPoint, PDF and HTML formats with little effort and from the same source file (single sourcing).

Test scripts

Create test scripts from your recorded application processes at the push of a button and transfer them to your quality portal (e.g. HP Quality Center). Here they can be further processed and used immediately.

E-learning modes

Explain the processes of your application to your users through a self-running demo. These can then be practiced on a simulated interface with helpful instructions. Finally, provide your users with a concrete task to solve independently in an interactive simulation with direct feedback.

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soft skills

Easily create learning content for soft skill topics in an interactive learning interface. With our authoring tool, mandatory training courses can also be created. Easily create motivating activities using game-type elements (gamification elements).

Practice Mode

Support your users interactively and context-sensitively in a separate window parallel to the live system and show them the correct steps for operating a new software.


Users often encounter complex and unclear terms. Store these on your interface with further explanations in a simple glossary. In this way, you ensure that each of your users is able to use the system independently, even in the live system.

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