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We offer you with our Learning Management System datango collaborator...

the right platform with which you can clearly organize collaboration between authors (E-Learning Content creators), training instructors and knowledge managers, assign learning content on a role-based basis and manage it at the right time. Our datango collaborator is the solution to optimise Learning Content for your IT trainings and to analyze individual learning progress in a targeted way.

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Manage your E-Learning content for all IT training courses with a Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System is your central tool for e-learning content management and enables you to design IT training courses that are as clear, efficient and instructive as possible.

  • Create Learning Content that is specifically oriented towards the user
  • Publish content quickly and easily
  • Provide users with courses, IT training or compulsory training at any time

datango collaborator - the central platform for managing your learning content

The datango collaborator is the Learning Content Management platform with which you can effectively and transparently organize the collaboration in content creation between the various authors who create the learning content. The datango collaborator is the central platform for your authors, educational advisors and knowledge managers. Tasks can not only be assigned and categorized within the authoring team, but also prioritized and tracked. In the central knowledge library you have the possibility to make your company knowledge available to all employees with structured learning content.

datango academy - the Learning Management System for your company

With datango academy you manage your learning content and your learning processes. You have a variety of options to provide your employees with the appropriate learning content:

  • Role-based
  • Scheduled (at a specific time or recurring)
  • In courses (with course results)

Approved workflows for courses and also event-driven e-mail notifications are central components of our solution.

With datango academy you have the possibility to guide the learner step by step through all courses (such as IT training, mandatory training, etc.). You can also provide users with an overall view of their learning achievements.

When designing the tests, you can make use of numerous features such as knowledge tests, quizzes, multiple choice, etc. Random questions can also be easily displayed. In the Learning Management System, you can also define the score at which a knowledge test is considered passed or fail. For each successful test, IT training or compulsory training you have the possibility to provide your graduates with a certificate.

datango analyzer - Targeted evaluation and weakness Analysis

Optimize your learning content and document the learning progress of your participants through targeted evaluation and weak point analysis: datango analyzer provides you with a comprehensive evaluation tool that can be used for anonymous learning progress monitoring and documentation purposes.

In the context of knowledge transfer, it is advantageous to collect anonymized data on the learning behavior and learning outcomes of your users. Based on this information, your company can optimize both its learning processes and its learning content in a continuous improvement process and thus constantly improve learning efficiency.

An implemented weak point analysis enables you to separately evaluate the learning content provided. Especially in the context of IT training, you can evaluate the processes with regard to the quality and learning behavior of your users and derive essential information for the optimization of the learning content.

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