Do you have your own Software Development and would like to introduce it to your users?

Then you should provide Software Training for your employees. How do you do that? With datango it's easy! Trainings and courses with classic face-to-face seminars are time-consuming and expensive. Often the learning effect is not lasting, because important processes, which are necessary to operate a software, are forgotten. The solution for companies is training with datango. With our tools such as our Authoring tool and Learning Management System, you can ensure that corporate learning works and, above all, is fun for the users. Online trainings make it possible to explain complex topics or Software Developments in a simple way, to design content in a diversified way, to address each learning level individually and to increase the learning motivation of the employees who work with the trainings.

Online training: Today's way of learning

If your company wants to offer digital learning content, you need content that is tailord to your Software and employee learning needs. We can deliver that for you. With our authoring and documentation solutionyou can easily create online training courses in seconds and make them available to your employees in the Learning Management System

For this purpose, we are happy to offer you our ready-made content, which covers topics such as Microsoft, fire protection and IT security.

Create datango Online Training for UAI

Our software can support your projects in all phases and with any application - even with in-house software developments. Typical applications of our solutions are: SAP, iTWO, Microsoft

Introduce your Software Developments with datango

With our online training courses and documentation, your employees can acquire specialist knowledge in a particularly flexible, topic-specific, cost-effective and independent manner and, in addition to many software applications, also learn how to develop your own software. In comparison to classroom training, our online training courses offer a particularly broad spectrum and ensure long-term learning success for your users. Simple, effective and innovative: This is how learning works today.


Customers from different industries for example Publishing, Service, Logistics, Construction, Energy, Education, Hospitality, Gastronomy and many more.