datango wins "2019's Most Innovative Process Automation Software Solution".

PARIS AG starts the new business year directly with an award. The company is one of the most innovative providers on the market for authoring tools in Germany. This is confirmed by the renewed award of CV Magazine 2019 as: "Most Innovative Process Automation Software Solutions", which datango receives.

CV Magazine's award annually selects the most innovative and committed companies with high growth potential in the industry. Evaluation criteria include technological innovation, first-class customer service and advanced products and services. PARIS AG fulfilled all the requirements of the competition for the second time and was able to impress its competitors.

Authoring tool becomes state-of-the-art Process Automation Solution

"New IT challenges: home office, training, reduced budgets.

Projects need to keep running: How to stay on track with datango!"

Thu.,15.10.2020 | 16:00 hrs

Since its foundation, datango has specialised in process recording for the creation of process documentation, simulations and live system aids. With this recording, companies are able to generate training documents within the process for employees to make working life easier. For some time now, PARIS AG has been working on a completely new and thus most modern programming language for datango in order to make new technologies such as the automation of robotic processes available immediately.

"This year we will release an update. However, it would not be fair to put the so-called datango creator in the classic release corner - not only that the product, which has proven itself for decades, will now have a new name. We can speak of a whole new generation of authoring tools for datango creator, both functionally and visually in terms of user experience," explains Christina Misch, Head of Marketing at datango.

One of the future highlights will be the automated testing capability of the recorded processes and, in particular, the robotic automation of this generated content.

For more highlights, see the interview with Christina Misch in the March issue of CV Magazine here:

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