Training for successful Digitisation in the public sector

How can digitalisation be implemented efficiently and profitably in the public service? Simply put: Through successful change management. Processes must be digitalised and information bundled so that it can be found more quickly and processed better. The public service is not spared from digitalisation and the changes it brings. It is a great opportunity to simplify work steps and to cope with a high flood of data. In the process, work processes are implemented much faster and made simpler.

An important question within this process is not only how digitalisation can be easily implemented in the public service, but also how individual employees can be prepared for it. Because: The entire success stands and falls with the acceptance and participation of the employees in such a changeover process. Only when employees accept and embrace the changes can they apply and implement new skills. Within this process, it is therefore important on the one hand how digitalisation can be implemented in the best possible way, and on the other hand how the individual employees can be prepared for it.

With training courses from datango you master the challenges of the Digitalisation in the public sector.

Digitisation - the ravages of time!

Digitalisation makes work processes much faster and easier and gives employees the opportunity to optimise their work flow. The most important thing is to train employees and implement new digitalisation measures. The Corona pandemic has also presented the public sector with completely new problems.

To be able to react better to unpredictable events in the future, IT projects are essential. A good example of this is the Corona pandemic, in which digitalisation became more important than ever due to contact avoidance. Especially a sector like the public sector must then be able to react without jeopardising productivity. Working from home has become more relevant than ever since 2020 and will remain so in the future. In concrete terms, this means that new employees must be trained to prepare them for their work despite the physical distance. That is why training courses that can be accessed at any time from any location are ideal.

Challenges facing the public service that the public service must face are above all:

  • How is digitisation implemented in the best possible way?
  • How can employees be trained from home?
  • How can suitable learning materials be created quickly and easily?
  • What measures are there to retain knowledge in the company and pass it on to new colleagues?

For these challenges datango offers a comprehensive all-in-one solution that addresses all needs: The Knowledge Management Tool from datango. Get more information here.

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A solution that guarantees progress!

What solution can we offer you? Quite simple: datango offers you training courses that sustainably qualify public service employees and strengthen their skills.

What to do?

  • Announce training courses in good time
  • Activate employees!
  • Start the process of training

With training from datango, you can master the challenges of digitalisation in the public sector. Our complete solution consists of the datango creator, the datango collaborator and the live help. For more than 20 years, we have stood for reliable training in the IT sector.

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Our product overview - The datango solutions in detail

datango creator

The datango creator is our authoring tool for creating learning and training materials. For example, create learning content at the touch of a button with just one recording. With the datango creator you can record any software application. To do this, you only have to go through the process once and datango creator will record it in the background. You can easily add screenshots, explanatory texts and markers. This way you can easily create a simulation landscape, practice or test environment. In practice mode, you can then guide the employees through the learning process. Translation into over 40 languages is available at the touch of a button.

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Employee Enablement datango blog 05 uai

datango collaborator

The datango collaborator is used to manage and evaluate learning content. After you have created them, you can easily assign the learning content individually and on time. At a freely selected time, the learning content can be retrieved by the user.
In the administration you manage, for example, the collaboration of the authors and distribute access rights. The analyzer provides anonymized insights into learning progress and identifies weak points.

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datango live!

datango live recognises in real time which application users are in and plays out the relevant learning content in a context-sensitive manner. In doing so, datango live helps users directly at the moment of need, i.e. exactly when training is being carried out. As soon as questions or problems arise, datango live offers support. This enables the user to solve a problem himself.

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The most important advantages of datango

Through Trainings from datango you enjoy many advantages:

  • For example, you save a lot of time and money because you don't have to organise costly, location-based seminars.
  • Our trainings can be conducted at any time, from any location. Efficient induction through our training reduces overtime or endless onboarding processes.
  • Employees continuously receive messages about updates or changes in existing systems
  • Employees have constant opportunities for further training, new perspectives and career advancement, which strengthens motivation and loyalty to the company.

datango service

Profit from our datango support!

Our philosophy is that customers are completely satisfied and find success with our help. We want to offer you competent advice and help at all times. That is why we support you datango support continuous support, i.e. during the introduction as well as during the optimisation of our software solution.

For our customers the datango service service is available around the clock, so that help is immediately available when it is needed. This means, for example, that we do not work with a ticket system where you have to wait a long time for a response. You have a direct contact person with us who is always there for you if you have a problem or question. You will be assigned an experienced member of our knowledgeable Customer Success Team who will regularly communicate with you to ensure an all-round perfect datango experience.

In two steps we help you with Introduction of new software. In the analysis, we determine the status quo within your company. In the strategy development based on this, we plan the implementation. For example, we check in detail which training is necessary within the digitalisation and offer a suitable solution to guarantee a successful implementation.