E-health: Digitalisation in the health sector

The digitalisation of the health industry is opening up new opportunities.

New staff are ready to work faster, processes are much easier to learn and execute. In addition, the use of interactive tools can make a system more efficient and establish a more integrated approach. The digitalisation of the healthcare sector enables new approaches in medicine and offers the opportunity to address health issues efficiently. The topic of e-health is becoming increasingly relevant, especially in the ongoing transformation of the healthcare industry.

Our products at a glance:

The datango creator is our authoring and documentation solution that allows you to easily create training material. The datango collaborator is our learning management system and enables you to provide digital learning content via a central platform and organise collaboration with authors (learning content creators), education officers and knowledge managers. datango live!, our context-sensitive live help, ultimately enables your created learning content to actually be used. Your end users have the option to play the appropriate learning sequence when needed.

Shift your energy into efficient training and save not only financial resources but also time. Discover the entire datango package here!

Digitisation in the e-health sector: your hurdles and the solutions

New and more modern IT systems and infrastructures increase the administrative burden and inhibit flexibility. With datango Live Help, you enable daily support on the PC at the moment of need for your employees, in over 40 languages. Furthermore, datango allows flexibility in the perception of necessary training. There is no need for additional travel and the time gained is available for patient care.

Digital solutions are usually not used for fear of high costs. Yet it is digital solutions that reduce costs, labour and training costs in the long term and increase efficiency. However, a grant of €12,000 is possible. Eligible for funding are purchases of digital or technical equipment and related training. Funding is available for up to 40% of the funds spent by the inpatient or outpatient care facility.

The number of people in need of care is increasing, but scarce staff and time resources as well as legal requirements have an impact on adequate care. As a result, new employees have to be ready to work quickly, as there is no time for long, intensive training. With datango, training is quick and uncomplicated and also certified. In order to reduce the high fluctuation rate at the same time, the attractive training and further education offered by datango offers new perspectives that strengthen the loyalty to the employer in the long term.

Legislators are influencing the industry with their own initiatives, such as the E-Health Act or the Medical Devices Act (MPG). The MPG used to apply only to hardware, but now it also applies to software medical devices. This includes, for example, your documentation software or your HIS. The operator must ensure safe and proper use of the medical devices for which he is responsible. This also includes the obligation to instruct in the handling of a medical device. The good thing is that instruction by means of videos or software is generally permissible. With the help of datango, you can create the briefing, have it carried out and even prove that all employees have completed the briefing.

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