Work successfully with Microsoft Office365©

Nowadays, it's normal to be connected around the globe. We write emails to each other in different time zones, can see a face with a click or edit documents together in real time. Especially Microsoft© is a popular provider to handle all these processes. Well-known products such as Outlook, Teams, OneDrive or PowerPoint can make our everyday office life much easier. This makes Microsoft Office365© the most popular SaaS application for companies of any industry or size and that even 35.4% of all job opportunities require Microsoft© skills.

With 155 million monthly users, Microsoft© dominates the software industry and rightly so. Office 365© is an excellent tool for everyday collaboration. One of the main reasons for its intensive use is its ease of use, as you can collaborate effectively and quickly.

In times when employees need to work from home more than ever, full reliance is placed on applications that should and must make our day-to-day business as normal as possible. However, software can only be used as effectively as the end user is able to use it. Many functions are not used by most users due to a lack of appropriate training. This later results in the use of an alternative and more complex approach. This leads to a lack of return in investment, leaving employees struggling to carry out simple processes.

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Don't let it get that far!

Give your employees the opportunity to learn your software.

With our out-of-the-box learning content, your employees receive a complete eLearning environment with demo, practice and test mode. Our datango live! navigation allows you to develop your expertise while the system is still running and become more efficient. In addition, each package contains ready-to-use documentation in various formats, such as Word, PDF, PPT and HTML. Without any effort, the content is ready for immediate use. The aim of each short learning unit is to convey the best practice approach in a learning sequence and is therefore ideal for everyday use.

datango offers Microsoft Office365© and Microsoft Teams© as well as ready-to-use learning content for Windows10© and Google Chrome©.

If you need specific learning content that is not included in our package, you have the possibility to create different learning content with datango. You can count on our support!

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