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University Hospital Erlangen | Introduction datango Authoring Tool


The University Hospital Erlangen (UKER) planned to introduce the new Clinical Workplace System (KAS) MEONA in 2020, and the corresponding preparations were to take place in 2018 and 2019. It was realized that it would be unmanageable to create the required numerous and extensive documentations manually. As a result, UKER decided to purchase a stand-alone authoring tool. The requirements for the new tool were uncomplicated and intuitive operation, full compatibility with regard to the planned procurement of a learning management system and the possibility of applying a role concept with different authorizations.


  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Project duration / Timeframe: Since 2018
  • Project title: datango authoring tool
  • Number of authors: 8 master authors + 20 authors
  • Number of end users/ learners: 6,500
  • Applications: MEONA, SAP ISH, Microsoft Office

Solution & Result

After a call for tenders, the University Hospital Erlangen decided to use the datango creator as its new authoring tool. The datango creator is intuitive to use, documentation is efficiently recorded during process execution with just a few clicks, and when updates are necessary, only the affected process steps need to be re-recorded and not the entire process. In addition to process documentation, UKER creates e-learning content such as datango journeys and quizzes on topics such as "Medication", "Curve", "Getting started with the clinical workstation system", "Care planning & documentation" for physicians and nursing staff. The content created is then easily imported into the learning platform as a SCORM package. General content such as "FAQ learning platform" or "How do I... in the employee portal?" and the manuals created with datango are made available via the Confluence employee portal. The content is created by the key users of the departments as well as by IT or the 7-8 sub-departments. In the run-up, author training sessions were conducted by the datango support team. The datango collaborator, the second product module used by UKER, offers a corresponding role concept with different authorizations, such as master author and author.


The most modern operating room in the world, the latest equipment and scientifically based diagnostic and therapeutic procedures - with its 25 clinics, 18 departments and 8 institutes, Erlangen University Hospital covers all areas of modern medicine. The buildings of the University Hospital are mainly located at the Erlangen Castle Garden and house more than 1,300 beds. Teaching, research and patient care are interlinked at the highest level. Erlangen research results set standards in prevention, diagnostics and therapy. Patients benefit from the latest treatment methods. Comprehensive quality assurance systems and close interprofessional and interdisciplinary cooperation ensure optimal care from reception to discharge. More than 9,500 employees are committed to this. They all have a common goal: to promote health and cure diseases.


Creation of documentation

Third party system compability

Optimum role concept

Customer feedback

„A very important criterion for us was the compatibility with our new learning management system, which is excellent with datango creator. We can import all produced content as SCORM packages without any problems. With the tool, which is uncomplicated to use, we can create documentation and e-learnings in a very short time. The role concept we need and the requirements for administration and versioning are covered by datango collaborator. The tools run excellently, and we have done everything right with the datango solution!“


Patrick Reichert, Subproject Management - KAS Training



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