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Blaser Group | Authoring & Learning Management Solution


Systemic and process-related changes take place regularly at the Blaser Group, new topics are tackled and new colleagues come on board at the same time. The speed of the changes and the limited resources resulted in the need to optimize the transfer of know-how - to maintain and pass on the company's internal knowledge and to expand it with training courses.


  • Industry: Mechanical engineering, Hunting and outdoor industry
  • Project duration/timeframe: 4 weeks - content ongoing
  • Number of authors: 25
  • Number of end users / Learners: 600
  • Application: SAP4Hana, SAP Sales & Service Cloud, TisoWare, SharePoint, Microsoft Office

Solution & Result

The introduction of the datango Learning Xperience platform as an efficient solution to cover all needs for further development, documentation, live help and eLearning. Content is created with the datango creator at the push of a button in 25 different formats and +40 languages. A complete eLearning world with demo, test and practice mode is created in one recording. datango live!, the context-sensitive live help, recognizes in real time which application is being used and provides the end user with the required help at the moment of need. The datango collaborator offers key users as well as authors the possibility to manage the created content. All authors are always up to date and duplicate content is avoided. All documentation is centrally located on the Blaser Group Intranet (SharePoint).


The company was founded in 1957 by master gunsmith Horst Blaser. The Blaser Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers in the hunting and outdoor industry with over 1,000 employees. The portfolio includes the brands Blaser, Mauser, J.P. Sauer & Sohn, Rigby, Liemke, Minox and the optics specialist Blaser Group Wetzlar GmbH. Each company stands for the claim and the competence to make customer wishes come true every day anew with real passion and highest quality.


Time saving for creation of documentation 80%
Fewer standard helpdesk requests 60%
Time savings Induction of new employees 50%
More efficiency - international rollout projects 70%

Customer feedback

"For this reason, we chose datango LXP, an efficient solution to cover all needs for further development, documentation, live help and eLearning. Whether release change, software rollout or process change and independent of the system - all documentation is in a central location on the Blaser Group Intranet. We save an estimated 70% of the time needed to create documentation and hope to achieve about 70% more efficiency in international rollout projects with datango. We want to continue this positive development."

Andreas Rüpschl, Head of IT Management


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