Today's challenges in the health sector

With datango you meet your challenges in a targeted way

Digitalisation in the health sector is encountering scarce personnel and time resources, legal requirements, an increasing number of people in need of care and increasing mechanisation.

The actual state

20 laws in 20 minutes - the immediate care programme: The aim is to relieve the burden on care by investing in digitalisation. The approaches from the Federal Ministry of Health include the provision of funding and the recruitment of Mexican and Filipino care workers by DeFa.

The challenge

How are digitalisation and the new colleagues from another country integrated into everyday life? Who will train the colleagues with a different language background and how much time do you have available for training? What measures do you take to retain and transfer knowledge in the company?

Our solution

datango represents your competent partner who has already supported more than 300 customers in training software products for 20 years. Let's see together how we can support you and work on your challenges in a targeted way.

Let's look together at the typical challenges and how datango addresses them.

Promotion 12,000 euros

Eligible for funding are purchases of digital or technical equipment and related training. Up to 40 percent of the funds spent by the inpatient or outpatient care facility are funded.

datango as a solution

More software also means more training effort: the employees are quickly prepared and trained for the new systems using the learning units created with datango.

Skills shortage

The workload limit of the nursing staff has already been exceeded. The shortage of skilled workers is clearly noticeable and time resources are lacking.

datango as a solution

Fast on-boarding - New employees need to be up and running quickly as there is no time for a long, intensive induction. With datango, training is quick and uncomplicated

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