On April 2021, datango will be present at the Quest Infocus ENVISION and Quest Reconnect ENVISION webinar. The events revolve around Oracle products, new announcements and innovations. datango will be present at the events with a presentation titled "Save Costs for Oracle Training & Documentation - Your UPK-Alternative". At the INFOCUS datango will be shown directly in use on JD Edwards, at the RECONNECT directly in use in Peoplesoft. Be there live!

Quest Reconnect ENVISION - Wednesday, April 28th, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm ET

The Quest Reconnect ENVISION focuses on predictive planning. This event will focus on what PeopleSoft has to offer and what the company plans for the next few years. For example, you'll learn about product enhancements to consider, what investments are worth making, and how to optimize your strategy. You can find more information here.

Quest Infocus ENVISION - Wednesday, April 14th, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm ET

Quest Infocus ENVISION is the place to learn about JD Edwards products. Whether it's new products or important strategic planning, this is the place to find out what product enhancements to consider or what investments make sense to drive your business forward. Plan for the future! Findout more here.

We look forward to seeing you!

datango's Oracle UPK alternative - to save you time and money

For those of you who were unable to attend our presentations, we'd like to recap the core information here. As you may have already heard, Oracle has announced that the in-house authoring solution UPK (User Productivity Kit) will be discontinued.

The UPK solution is used to develop training materials, process documentation and aims to increase user productivity. Oracle has extended support up to and including 2022, but it will not be continued after that.

This applied to version 12.1, customers who purchased version 11.1 were supported until March 2020. In a press release Oracle has stated that there will be no replacement product!
If you are a customer of Oracle, then you are directly affected by the discontinuation. For years you have invested in your training materials, accumulated numerous data - and now they are to be lost? Due to the discontinuation of Oracle UPK, you may already experience security and compliance problems - in addition to the given integration problems - because upgrades are no longer possible. After support ends, Oracle UPK may no longer fit your organization's standards for procured software. In addition, there is no longer any on-demand support or help. Your homegrown content is completely unusable without Oracle's support and necessary software updates. Many companies have already created numerous learning units with Oracle UPK and it goes without saying that this content must not be lost.
So a concrete action is essential to keep your data safe!

datango has a solution for you!


Why should you choose datango's Oracle UPK Alternative?

With datango such a complex conversion is not necessary! datango offers an alternative solution to Oracle UPK! We are the leading provider of Enterprise Education, Rollout Support and Process Documentation in Europe and offer an easy-to-use alternative solution to Oracle UPK.
With our specially developed content converter you can easily convert all created learning units into datango content and continue working with it. All modes, documentation formats, content explanations and bubbles are converted 1:1. Once this process is complete, editing and distribution of all content already created with UPK is possible. No information is lost during this conversion. In the process, you don't have to start from scratch again, which saves you a significant amount of time.

Furthermore, our solutions offer, in addition to the well-known functions such as the creation of documentation, e-learning content and single source recording, additional possibilities that go far beyond the functional scope of Oracle UPK (e.g. live!, collaborator, analyzer, academy).

In this conversion process, the most important thing is to plan the conversion in good time in order to avoid costly processes. Acting soon saves time and money! Such a large project requires a solid foundation, expert knowledge and efficient strategies. Especially at the beginning of a changeover process, companies have to master major challenges. Specialized personnel with the necessary expertise are needed to implement the complex changeover at every phase.

System Changes impact all areas of an organization and change the way people commonly work as well as the end-user experience. Our solutions introduce your employees quickly and effectively to new or changed business processes and applications. New alternative systems to Oracle UPK must inevitably be re-learned and most importantly be understood by your employees. By using datango, your employees will learn an application after only a short period of time.

Plan your migration from Oracle UPK with datango!

With datango you can expect: Simplicity, and efficient solutions for your organization! As a service provider, datango would like to support and assist companies in the changeover from Oracle UPK. You can trust our 20 years of experience to deliver an efficient solution. The benefit: datango solution is not only an alternative to Oracle UPK, but also an upgrade! Benefit now from simpler methods and more capabilities.

With our solution, your employees can be introduced to new or changed business processes quickly and sustainably. Each process can be documented with just one click. In addition, a simulation environment is created in which users can carry out new processes without triggering a process in the real system - this strengthens user acceptance and makes a new software more accessible quickly. Our context-sensitive live-help provides your users with relevant learning content in real time. This ensures a productive learning experience.

Overview of all advantages:

Shorter Turnaround

for end users.

less time expenditure

for the preparation of the documentation.

higher efficiency

in international rollout projects.

less time expenditure

for personal training.

fewer standard help desk requests.

Cost reduction

for Delta training.

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