Digitalisation - The future of healthcare

The agenda of managers in the healthcare sector is seemingly endless. Whether financial issues, good quality of care, various regulations or the digital transformation, the list is long. Digitalisation is not excluded from this list. Digitalisation has long since become an important area in the healthcare sector. This concerns topics such as the electronic health card, video consultations, health apps, online appointments and interactive tools. All these examples show that the healthcare industry is in a state of flux.

Keeping an overview is not always easy. For more than 20 years, datango has been a strong partner for training software products that are also needed in the health sector. We want to support you in overcoming challenges. With datango you can create relevant learning content to train staff in a targeted way. We help you digitise the healthcare industry.

Our products at a glance:

The datango creator is our authoring and documentation solution that allows you to easily create training material. The datango collaborator is our learning management system and enables you to provide digital learning content via a central platform and organise collaboration with authors (learning content creators), education officers and knowledge managers. datango live!, our context-sensitive live help, ultimately enables your created learning content to actually be used. Your end users have the option to play the appropriate learning sequence when needed.

Shift your energy into efficient training and save not only financial resources but also time. Discover the entire datango package here!

Digitalisation Healthcare/Hospital: What it entails and how to master it:

In today's world, it is particularly important to relieve the burden on health care workers. Background to this: In March 2020, the federal government will approve a bill to relieve the burden on health care facilities. The Corona pandemic in particular poses completely new problems for the health sector. This is just one example of many of how the health sector can be relieved. Scarce personnel and time resources, legal requirements, the rising number of people in need of care and increasing digitalisation also need to be reconciled. In this context, the main question revolves not least around the issue of how the overload of healthcare staff can be reduced as best as possible. Ideally, new staff should be ready to work immediately. This cannot be expected in principle, but processes can be optimised in such a way that valuable time can be saved in the course of training. One solution to this problem is online training.

There is a lot of potential in "digitalisation healthcare". In order to make sufficient use of this potential, investments in the expansion of digital solutions should be made urgently. Above all, digitalisation always brings something new. For example, from 2022, documents such as the vaccination record, dental bonus booklet or maternity record will also be available digitally. The digital patient card poses challenges. There is also the question of whether treatments could take place via video chat in the future.

The expansion of digital solutions is also beneficial when it comes to storing or archiving documents within a company, as well as collecting and making knowledge available within a company.

The bottom line is that increased digitalisation also means more work for the healthcare sector. Employees have to be trained in all the new areas. In order to cope with this, datango offers training.

Financial resilience in the health sector often sees itself at the limit. It is necessary to analyse where savings can be made without areas such as nursing or patient care suffering. In addition, there is often a lack of staff and time. We offer a solution for this, because with our training, employees are quickly trained and are thus quickly available for hospital operations. This also applies to foreign staff. Our training courses are available in more than 40 languages, so that even professionals from abroad can be instructed well. Because the training runs digitally, there is no need to recall staff to train new employees. This also saves valuable time.

Why online training makes sense especially in today's times - A summary

  • Due to the Corona pandemic: online trainings help to reduce contacts and bypass face-to-face trainings.
  • So that the broad spectrum of Digitalisation in the healthcare sector can be understood and used. staff should therefore have routine and confidence in using digital media. The progress of Digitisation in this case is also based on the knowledge of the individual.
  • Environmental protection also becomes an issue when it comes to online training. For example, there is no need to travel to a training location. This also reduces costs.
  • All training courses can all be integrated into the daily work routine, are easy to carry out and the processing time can be flexibly arranged, which is an enormous advantage especially in the Care an enormous advantage.

Advantages of the datango solution

At datango, we offer well thought-out solutions that start where problems need to be solved.

Our trainings are fast, safe and above all certified. Employees are trained effectively and feel confident in dealing with new topics. Above all, the trainings save costs and time because they can be completed directly at the workplace without the need for staff to be available or to travel to a specific training location. Another benefit is overcoming the language barrier, as our training courses are available in more than 40 languages, allowing foreign-language staff to quickly learn about the topics covered by the Healthcase sector. With datango, you can appeal to different types of learners by including a variety of materials such as video instructions, graphics or charts in the training. You can easily create and play out materials. At the same time, you can ensure that all employees have completed the briefing.

Finally, datango trainings also increase employee loyalty to the company through continuous training and attractive further education.

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