IT security training from datango

Digitalisation has been witnessing ever greater growth in recent decades. In everyday business, for example, this means that more and more data is collected digitally, hardly anything is printed out, structures run via an internal IT network. The importance of sound basic knowledge within IT is probably obvious. This is precisely why it is important to train employees in IT security.

Your data is sensitive and valuable and is therefore of great value to cyber criminals. You can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a cyber attack by making your employees aware of the dangers and offering training in IT security.

As a company, you are obliged to ensure the security of your data and that of your employees and customers. Therefore, protect your business from viruses, malicious software and loss due to technical problems. You are responsible for ensuring that all employees in your company have mastered the basics of IT security. We at datango have developed a special training course for this purpose, in which your employees learn everything they need to know about IT security.

What is IT security?

Simply put, IT security is the protection of IT systems from damage and threats. IT systems include individual files, computers, networks, cloud services and entire data centres.

Protecting IT systems seems simple at first, but it's not. Cyber criminals are creative and always come up with new ways to get at sensitive data. That's why it's important that your company is always up to date on the latest IT security and knows about the most common attack attempts.

A sub-area of IT security is data security. Here it is important to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data. Confidentiality means that only authorised persons can access the data. Integrity means that the data are not or have not been manipulated or damaged. Availability means that data can be retrieved and used when it is needed.

A normal employee usually has no idea about all this. And that's where you as an employer come in. Make sure that your employees know about it. datango offers IT training courses that train your employees optimally in the area of IT security.

Why is IT security so important?

Time and again you hear and read in the news that large companies have been sabotaged by hacker attacks. Systems are taken over and data stolen. This is particularly fatal in the health sector, as patient records must be protected at all costs. But a hacker attack can also have catastrophic consequences in all other sectors, such as the paralysis of a power grid or the misuse of bank data. For this reason alone, because it involves many risks, IT security should be at the top of your company's list of priorities.

IT security concept

The best training is of no use if your company does not have an IT security concept. Regularly check whether there are any security gaps and how they can be closed. Which measures are suitable to achieve the best level of protection? How high is the risk of damage occurring in the first place? What is the worst that can happen? You have to work all this out and use it to develop an IT security concept for your company. Always keep in mind: What use is the best security concept if the employees are not familiar with it? Concept and knowledge must go hand in hand.

Common attack methods used by cyber criminals

We want to show you a few attack methods used by cyber criminals that your employees should definitely know about:

Malicious software, also called malware, are programmes that aim to steal data or take control of computers. In the process, they either spread themselves or are unknowingly passed on by the users. Viruses, worms and Trojans are among the best-known malware.

How does such malware work? We would like to show that.
A computer virus attaches itself to an executable file. The virus is activated only when the file is executed. If the file is sent, the virus spreads further. Like biological viruses, computer viruses can vary in severity. Some are only slightly disruptive, while others severely damage the computer.

A worm is considered a subclass of a virus. Worms spread on their own and are able to copy themselves. For example, they send their copies to all contacts in the email address book. A worm can open a backdoor on your computer, allowing cybercriminals to gain access.

A Trojan is a programme that looks like a useful application, but is hidden in the background. Trojans can read passwords, record keyboard strokes or open a backdoor to your computer for cybercriminals. Furthermore, Trojans can delete, block and copy data.

Ransomware is a special type of malware. Ransomware locks your computer or encrypts your files. To regain control, you have to pay a ransom. However, this is no guarantee that the extortionists will actually release your data again.

Spam and phishing belong together. Everyone knows about spam mails. They are annoying at first, but harmless. It becomes dangerous when the spam mail is a phishing mail. Phishing is used to steal sensitive data. E-mails pretend to come from a reputable source and ask you to enter your login data, otherwise your account will be blocked. This is how the cybercriminals get hold of your bank details and can use them themselves.

Tens of thousands of computers are infected and added to a botnet worldwide every day. Botnets are huge collections of computers all over the world. Users do not even know that their computer is part of it. Botnets can be used to launch attacks on servers that collapse under the sheer load of requests.

You haven't heard of all these things yet? Then it's time that you and your employees deal with it. Because it is precisely companies that are targeted by cyber criminals, as that is where the biggest profits are to be made.

Ensure security with IT security training from datango

Ensure maximum IT security in your company and make sure that hackers don't stand a chance. Therefore, train your employees in this area. At datango, we offer IT security training that protects your employees from the most important attacks. Our training courses cover extensive learning content and are ideal for use as compulsory training. From general information to the protection of sensitive data, your employees will learn everything that is important.

Our training courses optimally prepare your employees to ensure the IT security of your company. You don't even have to create the training courses yourself, you can conveniently access our standard content. Of course, our learning content can be extended so that it can be perfectly tailored to your needs. You can make the extensions yourself, or have us design them for you.

Make IT training mandatory in your company. At datango, we already offer ready-made training courses on the topic of IT security. This means no extra work for you. Simply pass on our training materials to your employees.

If you still have questions about our IT security training courses, please contact us. We are always happy to answer your questions.