datango LXP vs. SAP Enable Now© / WPB© - the better alternative

SAP is undoubtedly a leading business software solution in numerous industries. However, in order to make the most of SAP's extensive features, appropriate training is essential. Although SAP offers the in-house solution SAP® Systems Enable Now® (SEN) for this purpose, we believe that datango offers the better alternative here.

So in this blog post, we'll take a closer look at datango's advantages over SEN and why datango is the ideal choice to enhance your SAP knowledge and ensure your company's progress.

Keeping pace in the dynamic digital world

To succeed in a fast-paced and competitive environment, companies need a comprehensive and targeted digitization strategy that enables them to keep pace with the latest technologies and trends. An important component of this strategy is the continuous training of employees across different generations as well as the holistic support of processes, especially during internal change cycles. After all, only when employees can accept and use the new digital tools and processes can the full potential of digitization be realized.

In the course of this digital transformation, enterprise software solutions such as SAP play a decisive role. This is an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) that offers companies a comprehensive range of modules and functions to plan, control, and manage personnel, resources, capital, equipment, materials, and information and communications technology in a timely manner and in line with the company's purpose.

A key component of the successful implementation of SAP software in companies is the employees. It is crucial that acceptance of the change is high and that the new tools are not perceived as a disruption, but as a necessary step for innovation and greater customer satisfaction.

The decisive factor here is that they feel "desire for" rather than "frustration by" the software. Another important aspect is the time needed for the "change" before operations return to normal. The key factor in achieving these goals is SAP training in e-learning format. They enable employees to develop a deeper understanding of SAP's functionality and fully utilize it in a short period of time. Through targeted training programs, companies can thus ensure that their employees have the necessary know-how and promptly ensure smooth operation and successful implementation. E-learning software should be capable of "workplace learning" to ensure parallel working. The support options should be as individual as the users. When introducing such extensive systems, special consideration must be given to ensuring that process documentation on the authoring side can be created simply, easily and quickly.

datango LXP vs. SAP Enable Now© / WPB©

SAP® Systems Enable Now & Workforce Performance Builder - What's behind it?

"SAP® Systems Enable Now® (SEN)" refers to a software solution from SAP itself that helps companies create and deliver training and learning content for their SAP systems. SEN enables users to create interactive training materials, online help, and documentation to improve training effectiveness and increase user competency.

Workforce Performance Builder (WPB) was the original name of the software before it was renamed SAP® Enable Now. WPB offered similar functionality to SEN and was consequently used by organizations to create and manage custom training content. The renaming to SAP® Enable Now was done to highlight the tight integration with other SAP products and solutions.

Both programs thus aim to optimize employee training and development, helping companies to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to use SAP solutions effectively and improve workflows.

But did you know that both programs are further developments based on code that SAP acquired from datango AG in 2012?

In the process, our software solution has been newly developed since 2016 and is therefore adapted to the increased complexity of today's applications.

In addition to the modern code, the entire datango product range is characterized above all by improved performance, a contemporary user interface and numerous additional functions.

One reason why datango is the better alternative.

Why datango?

The new datango product range has already impressed more than 300 companies, including well-known companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Siemens Energy, Vaillant, Blaser Group, Autobahn Tank & Rast, Köln Messe, Stadt Trier, Von Ardenne, AWO Saarland, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, Stadtwerke Potsdam, GE Aviation, SHW, SEG, Windmöller und Hölscher, and many others.

There are numerous reasons why these companies have chosen datango:

  • Our in-house learning platform with extensive analysis and reporting functions as well as compatibility with alternative LMSs offers a holistic solution
  • datango is a platform-neutral software provider that is able to recognize all Windows and web applications
  • There is a possibility to purchase a company license and remove the author limitation
  • Improved performance and efficiency is achieved through the use of a new code base
  • A modern look and feel of the user interface ensures increased acceptance among authors and users
  • As a medium-sized company with around 100 dedicated employees, we devote ourselves solely to the datango solution and our more than 300 customers
  • With many years of experience datango offers strategic consulting for the implementation of our systems
  • Our focus is on customer satisfaction, which is why we ensure fast response times and the ability to call trained support staff directly
  • Customer proximity is a core value that enables close cooperation and joint further development
  • SCORM compatibility enables easy import and export of content

You can also be sure that you stay up to date with us, because our products are constantly being developed further in our development center in Berlin!

Perfectly covered with the datango LXP

Discover the better alternative to SAP Enable Now© / WPB© with datango and get optimal support for your business.

Our innovative solution offers you a combination of performance support, learning management and documentation. With customized, push-button e-learnings for your systems and processes as well as online live support, we help your company introduce new or changed business processes as well as new systems and applications easily and effectively.

With our LXP solution (Learning Experience Platform), you are offered a complete package that helps to increase acceptance for change and thus contributes to a successful corporate culture.

The datango LXP is composed of:

datango creator

datango creator - your tool for professional software documentation, e-learnings and universal trainings

With datango creator you can easily create customized training material for your company. From interactive scripts to exercises and test environments - our authoring tool offers everything for successful process documentation and universal training. And in the process, datango creator generates all the necessary resources for targeted training of your employees through a single recording - and in over 40 languages if required.

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datango collaborator

datango collaborator - All relevant interfaces can be united here

As a learning management system, datango collaborator enables the clear management of your e-learning content. The learning content can be precisely tailored and assigned on a role basis in the form of courses - with or without certificates - in the datango academy, while authors, education officers and knowledge managers can collaborate effectively. The datango analyzer also offers comprehensive and, if necessary, anonymized reporting on courses, performance and weak points.

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datango live!

datango live! - For a learning experience with live online help and different e-learning modes

datango live! is there to support your employees exactly when they need it. With context- and application-sensitive features, datango live! enables end users to access the appropriate documentation or learning sequence at the moment of need, enabling them to learn effectively. Finally, by providing customized support - from practice mode to hands-on mode and accessible from the preparation phase to the live process - you ensure that your learning content is actually understood and used.

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Successful employee enablement thanks to datango

Implementing new ERP systems in an organization can be challenging, especially when it comes to employee adoption.

The datango LXP reflects the importance of a well thought-out and early communicated rollout of ERP systems and supports companies in preparing their employees for the changeover and giving them enough time to get to grips with the new ERP systems.

Personalized training materials and continuous, transparent communication are key strategies to increase employee enablement and ensure a seamless transition.

We firmly believe that every employee makes a decisive contribution to the success of the company. That's why we offer targeted support with our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) to the extent individually required and precisely at the "moment of need" - this applies equally to preparation and the live system.

Mastering change with datango

With datango, you have a reliable partner at your side to help you successfully and efficiently conduct SAP training or ERP training, among other things. Choose datango LXP and experience the benefits of a customized solution for your company.

datango is both a catalyst and fuel for digitization in companies and the #1 tool for successful change management. This allows datango to realize enormous savings and optimization potential.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always at your disposal to inform you in detail about your options.

We look forward to hearing from you!