Training materials and learning strategies for different learning types

When you create training materials, you want to capture and reach as many employees as possible. Digitisation, new programmes or a new version of a common software - all of these contribute to the need for constant training. Everyone learns in different, very individual ways. There are different types of learners, each with their own learning strategy, so it often happens that learners feel neglected in a training course. However, the goal must be to address as many learning types as possible. We will gladly show you how to do this.

It would be ideal if every type of learner had training materials that fit their learning behaviour. With training from datango, you can achieve exactly that. We offer you the possibility to create individual trainings that you can adapt to the different learning types.

First the basics - what are the learning types?

The term learning type goes back to the German systems researcher Frederic Vester. He divided people into four different learning types. The auditory learning type, the visual learning type, the motor learning type and the communicative learning type. The list can also be supplemented by the person-oriented learning type and the media-oriented learning type. We will be happy to show you what exactly distinguishes these from each other and how they can best be achieved:

The different learning types at a glance

The auditory learner learns best by listening and speaking. People with this type of learner often move their lips when learning or say the material out loud to themselves. They have good comprehension skills and need a quiet learning environment because they are easily distracted by conversations and loud music. Having someone speak to them is a good strategy for this type of learner to help them remember the content.

The visual type of learner learns particularly through the eyes. Information is easier for him to understand when he has a picture in front of him. His learning strategy is based on making notes and diagrams, which makes taking notes very important for him in the learning process. The visual learner usually knows exactly where to find something in his documents.

The motor type of learner is practical. Sitting at a desk for hours and learning material by heart is out of the question for him. Learning is an active process for him, which is why he prefers to move during a learning process. "Learning by doing" is the central learning strategy here.

The communicative learner type is very good at talking and listening. He questions beliefs and asks well thought-out questions. This type of learner does not like to learn alone. His learning strategy is to exchange ideas with others. This is why they are often found in study groups. A good learning strategy for this type of learner is an interactive quiz within a group. People of this learning type should look for a steady learning partner with whom they can regularly exchange ideas.

People of this type of learner depend on a capable learner who conveys knowledge in a concrete way. If they get along well with the teacher, they can learn just about anything. However, if the relationship is bad, the willingness to learn of the person-oriented learner type also suffers. There are no learning strategies for this type of learner, as everything stands and falls with the teacher.

The media-oriented learner learns best with media. They get their knowledge from books, television reports, videos and newspapers, among other things. The computer in particular plays an important role in his learning strategy, because the Internet quenches his thirst for knowledge. He memorises important content best through learning programmes.

The solution: training with datango

No matter which learning type you want to address, datango has a solution: the datango creator! In reality, the different learning types rarely occur in isolation, but there are so-called mixed types. Almost all of us combine several learning types into one, it is just a matter of determining which learning types these are. The goal is to address as many learning types as possible through datango training.

Combine the individual learning strategies and create training that benefits everyone. With datango training, you address all learning types as well as the mixed types optimally.

Solutions for all learning types

  • Create documents that the auditory learner can work on at home. There he has his quiet environment and can have the datango learning content read to him.
  • Charts and graphics for visual learners can be easily integrated into training content and courses with the datango creator.
  • Use datango to create an interactive learning environment in which the motor learner can try out the theoretical content directly.
  • For the communicative learner type, you can give the opportunity to discuss the training content with colleagues.
  • Make learning videos available to the people-oriented learner. With the datango creator, you can easily integrate these learning videos into your training materials.
  • The media-oriented learner type is in perfect hands with datango. For example, create a knowledge quiz with the datango creator so that he can check his knowledge. With datango collaborator you can also use the learning videos for your courses.

Our tools at a glance

datango creator

The datango creator is our authoring tool and provides everything you need to create optimal training materials for different types of learners. With just one record of your business processes, datango generates everything you need for your employee enablement - and in more than 40 languages. Scripts, e-learning sequences, exercises and test environments. You can also create customised universal trainings with the datango creator.

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datango collaborator

The datango collaborater is a learning management platform that allows you to clearly organise the collaboration between authors, training instructors and knowledge managers. In addition, you can anonymously track the learning progress of your employees and thus identify weak points in your training materials. In this way, you can continue to optimise your training materials until they are perfect.

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datango live!

datango live! is always in the foreground of the screen. The software recognises which application your employees are currently in and what they are working on. Accordingly, it provides all relevant information and learning sequences from your training materials in case your employees need support. datango live! can also be connected to your company's existing systems.

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Discover datango

datango offers you the ideal solution to connect all types of learners so that every learner can get the most out of a training course. Do you want to take your company forward? We advise you extensively about what options you have.

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